Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A few quick details.....

About Denver.

-Todd is already there. He found out he was going last Tuesday and left this Tuesday. Today was his first day.

-He took the dog with him and I kept the kid. A fair trade right? Haha! But really, it will be easier to keep the house clean to sell without the dog.

-His company buys our house if it doesn't sell in 60 days. We hope to sell quick though because 1. I will get to go out there sooner and 2. We get a bonus if we sell before they buy it. Woot!

-I am looking for a new job. Don't worry, my current employer knows I am moving and looking for a job out there. My current boss said he would write me a letter of recommendation if I wanted - sweet!

-I am exhausted already from all of the stress and work so far and it's only going to get worse. I was just getting over being sick and I think I am getting sick again. Bleh.

-We found our realtor after interviewing two. The company pays for that too so that is nice! We thought the second one was much more prepared and came with comparisons of other homes that had sold in our area. I think he will do good for us.

-The company gives us some money to fix up a few things on our house so we can make it look nicer to sell - awesome!

-And on that note, I might as well say they pay for pretty much everything because they do! I couldn't be more thrilled with their relocation package!

-Todd is in corporate housing for right now. They pay and he was lucky enough to get 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom which is what our house is! Nice for when we come visit.

-They provide me with help finding a job which rocks since the economy isn't great.

-I think we will probably end up renting for a short time once Xander and I move out there for good unless the timing is exactly right with buying a house. It is hard right now to buy a house and we want to make sure it is what we want and not something we feel pressured to buy quickly.

-That's all for now. More to come later as more details are known. Oh yeah, one last thing. I hope to have the house on the market by the 15h of this month. That is a TON of work for one girl who works full time and has a kiddo! We will see how it goes!

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Travel & Dive Girl on November 4, 2010 at 7:27 AM said...

WOW! Good luck with getting everything in order - just make sure you pace yourself so you don't get stressed out and sick(er).

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity and so exciting too. I hope you love change because if you do, it will be fun!

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