Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calling my name...

Man, I love the feeling of working out and how the number on the scale keeps going down. But, every time I go to the basement I see my scrapbooks, unfinished and calling my name. They stare up at me from the 6 foot table they are laying open on. I need to finish them and start some others! I must not be a scrapper at heart because if I was, I would probably find the time. But I look at it this way. Most moms who scrapbook either stay at home full time, have kids that are older, don't work out every night or have a much better schedule than me. Either that or I just don't make the time. But I am going with the other reasons! :)

I want to work on them - I really do! I just have to find the motivation. I swear as Xander gets older it will get easier (unless we have another kid) and also right now we have just had so much going on on the weekends and when life slows down a little more again I will have time. At least I keep telling myself that.

I will do it! I want to do it! Wish me luck in finding some time to finish not one, but two scrapbooks! And did I mention I still have to order pictures to finish them? Hahaha!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Coffee and Paper Towels

The two things that are annoying me most right now. Why you ask? Let me tell you!

Those are two things at work that everyone uses, but nobody makes or replaces. Ack! So annoying!

I cannot even count the number of times recently when I went into the break room, wanted some coffee and it was all gone. Now keep in mind, there are four, count them, four coffee pots! There is no reason at all that all of them should be empty at once! It pisses me off to no end! People are so rude and lazy and it drives me nuts!!! I always end up making it and wonder why I have to make it every time I go in the break room. It should not be that way. I am so sick of always having to make the coffee. Grrrrr. One pot of coffee is pretty big too. I bet 6-7 people or so can get their oversize mugs filled out of one pot and yet I always make it. That tells me those other 5-6 people NEVER make it!

Same with the paper towels. Every time I go to use them, there is not even a whole one left on the roll - like half a one that is partially ripped is usually left. That makes me so mad too. How long does it take to get a roll - like 30 seconds?? I am so annoyed by my extremely lazy co-workers.

So here is the problem - I have gotten so bitter about it that I have stopped making coffee and replacing the paper towels myself. Does that make my a hypocrite?? Maybe. But at this point, I am not sure I care one bit because of how many times I have to had to replace and refill!!!!

Will it ever change?? Probably not, but until it does, I am on strike!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

And some more thoughts in my brain....

As if what I shared yesterday wasn't long enough, here are some more random thoughts in my head and some things going on in my life right now.

I started the really bad habit of letting my kiddo play with my phone. He doesn't play with it a lot but when he does, he tends to throw it or drop it a lot. Luckily we have Sprint and they changed their policy to where you can get the full discount on a phone once a year instead of once every two years. I got a new phone at the end of last October so I can get another one this year if I want. I would love to get a new one and not let him play with it so I can have an unscratched and messed up phone. Mine has already seen its better days.

Since I have been losing some weight, I am now able to wear my wedding ring every day. I couldn't get it on my finger at all for a while and only wore it here and there and now I wear it pretty much every day (which I love). My ring is pretty (in my opinion) and I also like looking married. I hated not wearing a ring before. There are lots of perks to losing weight!

It's funny how there are a lot of times that you say 'small world' but I had a major one of those experiences recently. I have been in my new department at work for almost three months now and just last week I found out that one of the ladies that I work with (there are only six of us in the department) has a daughter who was a medical assistant at the OBGYN I went to who delivered my baby! I saw her every time I went to my appointment! She was really funny and very nice but it is just weird that I didn't know that for almost two months. Crazy!

It's funny how easy it is to compare ourselves to others. I do it all the time without even realizing it but I know it's not a good thing to do. I know that everyone is different for a reason and it would be boring if everyone was the same. But there are ceratinly things about others that I want or ways I want to be like others. It is hard when there is a girl here or there that I compare myself to and think that everyone else looks at me and looks at her and thinks the other girl is prettier, smarter or better in some way. It is kinda stupid to compare but I think I will always do it whether I really want to or not. I think losing weight and having more confidence will help me out and help me do it less.

I bought Xander a little baby pool but haven't used it yet. I think today might be a good day to take him out since it is hot out! Sunscreen and cold water and we should be good to go! :)

Anything and Everything!

My life has felt a little nuts lately! I am so busy, I haven't been getting enough sleep, I have been working out a lot, I was studying a lot for tests for work, my husband and kiddo were both sick and I got a little bit sick also and our house is a perpetual mess. Ahhhh! I just feel stressed out and not sure what to do or where to start. While I ponder what to start with, here is the latest in my life.

We are a little relieved because our next door neighbors have moved out. It was a lot of drama all of the time. There were two ambulances there within the last few months and a cop car there once a month for the last several months. The guy was an alcoholic, in and out of rehab, fired from his job and his wife was lazy, refused to get a job, is on welfare, they didn't pay their rent, they aired their drama out on facebook all of the time like 16 years old and they were 40. They finally got kicked out of the house (with police involvement - what fun) and now they are gone. We are pretty happy with that as we just want to live in a normal neighborhood with normal people.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took my series 66 test on Monday and passed. I was sure I was going to fail because I put off studying until the last week and I didn't even get all of the way through the practice tests. I can't believe I passed! This test was actually easier than the last one I took and there was a lot less material to cover but I was a lot less prepared also which is why I feel lucky I passed. Anyway, I took two tests in a row and have been studying one thing or another for the last three months so I am taking a break now. I don't think I will take a test again for at least a few months or most of the summer.

I got to see my sister yesterday who lives in Arkansas. She was in Lincoln with her two kids and her mother in law. It was awesome to see them and we get to see them again in less than three months at my brothers wedding! I love family!

We cancelled our cable last summer to save money and since then we got Netflix so we could still some movies and tv on dvd. Todd just figured out how to stream Netflix through our Wii and now we have been watching a ton of different things through the Wii. We have gotten into the series Weeds and we really like it. I have been being dumb and watching the Hills. We have actually been watching too much tv if you ask me but we are slowly watching less and getting back to a normal amount.

I'm actually more excited to pick out an outfit for Xander than for me for my brothers wedding. I think it will be fun to get him a little suit or a little shirt and tie. I think I am going to try to get outfits for me, Todd and Xander that are all somewhat matching. It will be fun to be a little coordinated family! I'm not going to pick out a dress for me until probably 2-3 weeks before the wedding since hopefully I will be losing weight up until the wedding. I hope that won't be waiting too long and I hope I'm not unable to find something if I wait that long. We shall see.

I just saw the lowest number on the scale a few days ago since before I was pregnant! That is the best feeling and makes me want to keep going and working hard at losing weight. I know I can do it! I just have to keep trying. I have about two and a half months until my brothers wedding and I am hoping to lose about 20 more pounds. If I do that, I will be feeling awesome I know (but I still want to lose about a total of 35-40 more pounds).

Those are a few things on my brain right now. I am sure I will be back to share some more soon!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's been a while...

Gosh I haven't written forever! Guess I have been busy!

I took and passed my series 66 on Monday and that is part of why I have been absent. I was studying a lot this last week.

I am a mommy to a busy toddler - what can I say? I spend all night chasing him around and squeezing in workouts and tanning.

I swear I will post more (I say that like someone cares - haha)!

Soon, very soon. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a quick one

A few quick updates to my life.

I am studying for my 66 exam which I have to take next Monday and I am not even all the way through the book! I better cram the rest of this week and this weekend!

Which brings me to another point. Father's day is this weekend so if we do something, hopefully it won't be all day so I can study at some point.

Xander has pink eye so he stayed home from daycare today and Todd and I each worked a half day. He has a cough too. Poor little guy.

I didn't work out tonight since it technically was my day off. I just stretched a bit since my whole lower body is so sore that I am walking funny! It hurts! Back to it tomorrow!

I did a terrible thing - I went and bought a tanning package. I know it is so so so bad for you but I hate being so pale all summer since I have to work indoors and just want to feel a little good about myself. Shame, shame I know.

I am very seriously considering getting Invisalign for my teeth since I have wanted to have them fixed for years. I don't mind my smile but my teeth aren't great. They aren't awful either but not great. I am working up ways in my head to be able to afford it since it is not cheap. I would love to get it because it is basically clear on your teeth and my teeth aren't so messed up that I will need full braces I don't think. I bet I would have it for about a year and my teeth would be quite a bit better. I have always disliked my teeth so I am going to go for it for sure at some point....just a matter of when (and figuring out the money like I said).

Off to dreamland....it seems like I am getting less and less sleep these days and I am not sure if that will change anytime soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little sad

I guess this is a little bit related to my last post. For some reason I have been a little sad lately, going along with the stress (or maybe it came after). I don't know why - things are going pretty darn well - I am down about 15 pounds in the last 2 months, we switched daycare and Xander seems to be doing well, my job is going really well and my workouts are going pretty well also. I am not sure what my deal is but I am just kinda feeling blue recently. It could be a mood swing in my cycle and that would make sense. It just seems worse than usual. Anyway, enough about my mood, here is what is going on with us right now.

Xander got his second haircut today! Maybe I am a bad mom but I didn't take any pictures this time. The whole thing wasn't great for many reasons - I didn't think he really needed a haircut yet anyway because I like his hair a little longer(but the salon auto rebooks you each time and you have to remember to cancel if you don't want the appointment), the time of the cut was stupid (why the heck did I book it right when he is normally taking a nap?), he cried almost the whole time and it was so hot and nasty in the salon. I think X cried because I had to wake him up from his nap to get to the salon on time and he was still tired. It's not like his nap was cut way short but a little short, especially because it seems like he might be sick. Oh yes, lucky us. It appears he might have pink eye! Super!! You take the kid to daycare for four days and he gets pink eye! Oh, and don't get me started on how I was giving him a bath today and noticed a pretty bad mark on his arm and I looked closer and it was a BITE MARK!!!! Oh, I was livid!!! From daycare. Gosh that makes me mad. He didn't seem to notice it or mind and I even lightly touched it. The skin is even scraped away on it. GRRRRRRRRR. Sorry, as a mommy, that just makes me want to slap the kid who did it. Anyway, also occurring with Xander, we had to have him start sleeping in his pack and play a little over a week ago because his crib was recalled (boo, especially because we had to take it apart and take it back to the store). I ordered a new one with the credit right away and we just got it this week and Todd put it together for him tonight so he switched back to a crib. Hopefully the switching won't throw him off too much, especially since he seems sick.

On a more fun note with Xander, he seems to be so talkative lately and we love it! He is starting to say more words more often now and he just loves to chat! It is so funny since pretty much everything he says is gibberish - but we still love it! He is also climbing on everything he can and he's starting to get better at walking down stairs when we hold his hand. He is just so much fun and still changing all of the time!

I have a timeline for myself to lose some weight and the goal is September 18th - my brother's wedding! I still have three months and that is a good thing because I am nowhere near where I want to be weight wise even though I have lost some. I started doing P90X and it's not going perfect, but pretty well. I started the workouts last Monday and did the first three in a row and did pretty good - I finished all of them even though I had to either reduce my reps a little or modify some of the moves. But I still worked out as hard as I could and did as much as I could and I finished. Come Thursday night, I couldn't get the freaking computer to turn on to play the dvd to work out. I tried calling Todd at work several times over the span of an hour but couldn't get ahold of him to have him help me figure it out. I guess the fuse blew and the trip switch is out in the garage (even though the rest of them are in the basement - and of course, I was looking for one in the basement). Needless to say it kept getting later and later and it was past 11 and I had to work the next day, so I skipped my workout. I was bummed but thought I would just miss one day and get right back to it. Come Friday night when I first thought I was going to work out, I was so tired from going to bed so late the night before that I knew my body just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do for a workout. So I skipped another day. Boo for me. Anyway, tonight I got back to it and I plan on continuing and not giving up. For a minute there, I thought I was already done but Todd encouraged me to keep going and I'm glad I did! I just got done with a workout and it was SO hard, but I feel great! I am going to try to keep it up!

As I also mentioned in my previous post, I have a test to take for work and it is a week from Monday and I am not ready at all! Guess I will have to cram tomorrow and all of next week and next weekend to pass. I really don't want to fail, especially since this test should be quite a bit easier than that last one I took and I passed that one on the first try! It's going to be hard working out and trying to study too. I have a bad feeling next week might not be so good with the workouts, but I am going to try to fit it all in! Once I am done with that test, I might take a break from the tests for a while (the next ones are my choice to take them now or not) and focus on my health and time with my family. I still have other tests I have to take at work also, but not like these major tests I have been taking.

We need a serious overhaul of our house. I mostly just mean the clutter. Everywhere. I need to just organize once and for all but I never seem to get around to it, or when I start, I don't keep at it long enough or a new huge pile of stuff appears a week after I got rid of another one. Does anyone else have this issue? Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has such a messy house, but I know that isn't true.

Looking forward to a week from Monday when hopefully that test is done and I have a little less stress for a while. It will not be fun if I don't pass and have to take it again, so I am going to make sure that doesn't happen! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am one of those people that stresses themselves out too easily. Anyone that knows me knows this is true. I feel really stressed right now and I have to keep taking deep breaths just to feel normal.

I am still feeling a lot of pressure at work even though we are kind of slow right now. I took one test for work (a big one) a month and a half ago but I have another test coming up in a week and a half. This one should be easier but the problem is, I put off studying until now so now I am going to have to cram. I totally know that is my own fault.

I am also stressing about some other tests I have to take for work. They aren't as big of a deal as the one mentioned above but still, they are hanging over my head and I just want to get them done.

I am stressed about money. I guess that is a constant. We need to buy this or fix that or go here or do this and it all seems to cost money! It is funny because now that I am back at work, I think I am more stressed about money than I was before! Weird.

I started a new workout plan (P90X) and though it is going well so far, I am getting stressed about it. Not really stressed but almost anxious. I am ready for results, though they won't come for a while. I am thinking about the future on this program - it is 90 days long and I am only on day 3. I keep wondering if I will be able to do it and if so, how well will I do and what will I look like after I'm done? I wonder what will be next for me as far as workouts go if I can complete it. I can do it over again (which I should) and hopefully get in even better shape. I have also started to think more about my health regarding this. Am I pushing myself too hard? How will this all work out as far as my diabetes is concerned and how can I eat the right things and give myself the right amount of insulin so my body recovers well and I get the most out of it? See? I think about way too many things.

I am stressing a little bit about a friendship and I won't go into it too much. I am starting to feel like the effort is all one sided and it's making me very sad and resentful.

I stress myself out easily with the future - what will happen, where will we end up, what will become of both of us? It's a lot to think about and most of it is fruitless. I just can think and think and think about a million different scenarios for so many things.

There's even more but I will quit for now as I am sure this is quite boring for people to read who aren't living it. I realize everyone has their own stress and most people probably handle it better than me! Hopefully the working out long term thing will help with stress.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New stuff!

We have just been on a shopping spree recently! Well, kinda. Most of it was stuff we needed and only a few things we didn't.

Here are some of our new purchases!

Coffee table - we sold ours on the garage sale because it was glass and our little man was always getting it dirty. We sold the end tables too but we haven't bought those yet.

(We thought the coffee table was black and most of it looks black in the picture, however, the drawer on the side that comes out kinda weird makes it look like it is much lighter wood but it is just the inside)

Kitchen table and chairs. It is a high top table which was not my first choice but Todd really wanted it. Also, we had a glass kitchen table like the coffee table and were tired of the fingerprints.

Lens and flash for our camera. We already had a decent camera (Nikon D40) but we wanted to upgrade our lens and flash to be able to take great pictures. We have already tried them out and love them so far - I think this will help with my wanna be photographer hobby. I like to take pics but they only turned out ok before.

(Just the lens, the flash is kinda boring)

Basketball hoop for X. Ok, this one is silly but I thought I would throw it in there cause it is cute! Daddy got it for him. Still a little small for it but he will grow into it I think!

Crib for Xander. This was not by choice - the one we had was recalled. Though we don't have it at home yet, we ordered this one online and it should be here in a week or so. Putting it together will not be fun but you do what you gotta do! I think it is nice looking though and we actually saved some money over the original one we got him!
(This is just the stock photo from the website.)

I suppose that is about all! We got a new car a month and a half ago but that is kinda old news now! Although it does still maintain that 'new car smell' which I adore and I hope it does for a while!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June photo contest

I did one of these a while ago and ever since then, I have wanted to do another but just haven't found the time or have forgotten! I think Todd and I are going to try and do this together.

We just got a new lens and flash for our camera and it takes way better pictures so I am hoping we can come up with some good ones for this!

1. Hilarious Out-Takes
2. Creative Crop
3. Sun Flare
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Work
6. Play
7. Cookout/Picnic
8. Transportation
9. Money/Currency
10. A Fountain
11. A Night Scene
12. B&W with Selective Coloring
13. Something Old
14. Something New
15. Something Borrowed
16. Something Blue
17. Something Musical
18. Something Purple
19. Something Yellow
20. Something Scenic