Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missing memory card and battery charger

I decided my blog needs more pictures. It's kind of boring. So I decided to snap some of a few things tonight and realized that the memory card that goes in our camera is missing. Are you kidding me? I have no idea where it is and am a little worried about what happened to it. If our house wasn't a perpetual mess then I could probably find it a little easier but no such luck. I shall look for it tonight.

So the alternative to our fairly nice Nikon camera with our new fancy lens and flash is our small Sony point and shoot (still a nice camera, just smaller and we can do a lot less with it). The problem is, since using our new camera more, we don't use our little one as much and when I went to get it out a week or so ago, the battery was dead. The problem with that one is, I have no idea where the battery charger is and neither does Todd. Once again, are you kidding me? Ack! We are so, so, so unorganized! Grrrr! So now I have to find a memory card and a battery charger or we won't take any pictures again for a while!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A dose of thankfulness (we are lucky)

I was sitting at my desk yesterday at work thinking about my job and how lucky I am to have it. It is so easy to complain about your job and why it is so bad. But I was thinking about how many people there are right now without a job, or with a worse job than mine! Not just worse in pay, but worse duties too. I am lucky and I need to remember how blessed I am to have a job that pays well and also is something that I really enjoy doing. In the past, I have had a lot of jobs that I really didn't enjoy doing. But even then, I was still blessed to have a job!

I admit, my attitude in the past was crap about my jobs and I realize it now (hindsight is 20/20). It is hard to be happy and positive when you don't enjoy your job even a little bit. It is hard to see through the frustration to be happy that you even have a job.

I also have to admit that I am very lucky and blessed in other areas of life also. We have an adorable, healthy son who brings joy to our every day! We have a roof over our heads and our house is in good shape and not falling apart. We have two cars that run well (for now - haha). We both have steady jobs that pay the bills. We have our health (for the most part) and our legs to let us walk. We have our brains to help us think. Sorry if this is getting cheesy but it is so true and we all need a reminder that we have so much to be grateful for!

Having my son makes me so happy and thankful that it was easy to conceive him (a surprise actually) and the pregnancy and birth went pretty well. I actually read quite a few blogs about fertility and can't even imagine the heartbreak that comes along with trying to conceive and with miscarriages when you want to have a baby so bad. I almost take it for granted that we have our son and that he is healthy, but I never should!

I am also blessed with an awesome husband and an awesome family. I actually enjoy get togethers with both sides of our family because we all get along so well.

I am encouraging everyone else to think about what you are thankful for and why you are blessed. It should be easy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Night Randoms

Not much new in our life right now.

I am just really tired since having been sick last week and it is weird because I just feel like I haven't fully recovered. It's weird because ever since I was sick last week I have been getting heart burn every day. Yuck. I don't know where it came from and I just want it to go away.

Xander was sick last week too and it seems like he is just now starting to feel better. I feel so bad when my baby is sick and like to see him happy and normal.

We got two pairs of tickets to two different Nebraska football games this year - Western Kentucky and Kansas. I am so excited because we have wanted to go to a game for a while and we got some pretty cheap tickets for some pretty good seats. I am so excited just to go to a game and experience the crowd!

We just got a new car in April and I am already thinking that I want another new car - not because I want a new car but because I am scared to death of some huge repair coming up on our older car. We just can't afford a huge repair and I am all paranoid about it. I would also like a bigger house but that is a whole other subject for a different day. :)

I am already ready for the weekend. Not a good thing. I just need to get through the week and I am sure I will but I am just so tired.

Wednesday is exactly a month until my brothers wedding and I am going to try to work out almost every day and really good so I can lose some more weight before then. I have already done pretty well but would like to lose a few more. We will see how that goes.

I think I am going to go make some cookies now. Yum!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stomach Flu, Broken Computers, Busted AC

As the title suggests, the last few days at our house have not been fun.

Stomach flu hit me and the kiddo and something else hit Todd. He was sick all day Tuesday with us and was better Wednesday while me and X were still both sick Wednesday. Earlier today I was feeling somewhat better but not great. I did feel better as the day went on. I went to work today but so wish I could have stayed home instead.

Both of our laptops decided to go funky on us at once. Originally just one did, then the other. Todd figured out what was wrong and for now they are back in action.

The AC decided to call it quits sometime between midnight Tuesday night and 8 am Wednesday morning. I noticed it was a little warm in our house and saw it was 76 when the temp was set at 72. Not a good sign. Todd tried all of the things he could to fix it but we had to call the repairman. Of course they were backed up since it was a heat index of well over 100 for the last few days and lots of people were having the same problem. It ended up getting to 85 in our house that day - awful! Anyway, it was fixed about 3 that day and got all the way back to 72 within 12 hours. I never realized the depth of my love affair with the ac until it broke.

Needless to say, our bad things came in a set of three like they do so I am hoping tomorrow - Friday the 13th - gives us no grief. We have been through enough this week thankyouverymuch!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Randoms

I can't get any motivation to start cleaning our house. It is one big mess but it is at the point that it is almost overwhelming which makes it hard to pick a spot to start with. Hopefully by the end of the day it will be a lot cleaner.

My boss's wife was due to have her baby yesterday. I hope for her sake she had it this weekend or that will still have it today. I don't want to see my boss at work tomorrow, but not because I don't like him, only because I feel her pain and don't want her to have to go over her due date!

My workouts have been going pretty well but I missed working out yesterday because I was in Lincoln almost the whole day. I hate missing workouts but still have been fitting in 5-6 a week so that is good. Any time I am around other people who are skinny, it makes me want to be a lot skinnier. I am sick of feeling fat and am going to work even harder at losing weight.

I finally painted my toenails for the second time this summer. It is amazing how girly it makes me feel!

I need to order pictures of Xander big time. I literally have not ordered any pictures of him since Christmas I don't think. I know the main reason I don't is laziness, but I get so sick of how long it takes to upload pics, sort through them and then decide what to order. Plus I hate paying for it. I know that is dumb but it is true. I have a few scrapbooks that have been waiting around for pictures so I am going to order some pics today if it kills me!

I found a dress for my brothers wedding and I hadn't even planned on looking until later this month. I love the style and and am just debating about whether to keep the pink color I got or go with black. I just think I would feel skinnier in the black, even though the pink is adorable. I guess if I lose enough more weight before the wedding then it won't matter what color I choose because I will be skinnier. We will wait and see on that one.

I can't wait to go on a vacation this fall! We are probably going to Vegas but haven't booked the trip yet. We probably will in the next month or so. I think we are planning on going sometime in October. I need to go back and do the research again about the cost and figure out the best time to go for the best price and then we both need to ask for the vacation time before I book it. That is coming fast so I better get on it!

Xander continues to grow and change daily it seems! I love this stage of his life but I swear I will love it a little more when he can really talk. I hate not knowing what he wants sometimes but it is cute to hear him babble. He does say plenty of words though. It is cute because he can't say most of them well but I know what he is saying when he attempts certain words. He most recently has been saying 'shoes' and 'uh-oh' a lot. He loves saying 'shoes' and says it all the time. I can't believe he will be two in just over three months! That is crazy. I thought that life went fast up until his first birthday but between then and now has gone even faster!

I think I need a nap but not sure if I will get one today. Maybe I will just try to get to bed early tonight for once! Happy Sunday!

Monday, August 2, 2010

And the answer is....


Big fat no.

I didn't get the job.

I am sure my mom is happy - she didn't think it would be good if I had a job where I had to travel. I hope she is happy because I am not.

A couple of positive notes - the manager said to apply for thCheck Spellinge next opening they have for this same job and I probably won't even have to interview. He said the person they hired had a ton of experience in that job and that is why they hired him. He said I had a great interview and they liked me.

Still doesn't make me feel that much better but I guess hearing that stuff is better than nothing.

Also, had a performance evaluation today at work and I had a great review. My boss likes me and loves how hard I work and how good I am at my job. I guess that is encouraging too.

He also told me that I just happen to have bad luck with this job interview because of the outside person they hired that had a ton of experience. He said any other time I probably would have gotten the job. Still sucks. So now I get to stay in my current job and go nowhere for a while.

I guess it could be worse.