Friday, October 30, 2009

The new job

Man, I haven't been writing much on here at all because I have been so busy, or at least have felt like I am so busy. I swear I have no time to do anything in the evenings anymore since getting a job.

I guess I will start there. I got a job and started two weeks ago. The job is similar to my old job, but they pay is a lot less. That is ok though because the job is easier too with less stress. The other thing is, there is a chance to get a couple of raises in the next year anyway with passing some tests. I think I am going to go for any raises I can since I don't want to work forever, especially if we have another baby and the more money I make, the faster we get to our financial goals. Anyway, so far it's going ok. I met a girl who started at the same time as me that I really like. I get along with her really well and it is fun to have someone to talk to so the days go by faster. She is the best thing about the job so far - I don't think I am going to love the actual job I do that much but I have a plan.

My last job was on the phones all the time and this one is too. My plan is to work in this job only as long as I have to, no longer. I want to get more licenses (24 and 65) and pass their own testing they have for employees and then move on to compliance. That is my ultimate goal - did I mention I work at a financial institution? Anyway, the job I am doing is pretty much the only one at the company that is a phone job. There is a whole department of the same job I do, but I want to move on to something that is not on the phones. Customer service is not my passion - my passion would be something more analytical. I like policies and rules and enforcing them and I think a compliance job would be awesome.

Xander started going to daycare last week and he seems to be doing well with it so far. He is going to our neighbors so that is reassuring for us. I know lots of people take their kids to a daycare center, but in some ways they seem like kid factories. I just don't want to have to use a daycare center if I don't have to. I may have to at some point in the future but would like to avoid it as long as possible.

My birthday was last week and Todd and I went to dinner and brought Xander along. He did really well and we enjoyed a nice meal. Todd's birthday is this weekend and we also have Halloween tomorrow night. It will be fun this year since Xander is almost a year and we are going to dress him up and also get together with the neighbors after trick or treating for some dinner. Also, my side of the family is coming up on Sunday for lunch to celebrate Todd's and my birthday. It should be a fun weekend, but I am sure like every weekend, it is going to go by super fast now that I am working. Booo.

Nothing else new with us overall. We are amazed that Xander's first birthday is in three weeks! I am not even done planning his party yet so I need to work on that for real!

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