Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucky Parents

I could use the title of this post to talk about how lucky my parents are to have a kid like me (haha) but that is not what this is about.

I feel so lucky to have my son. Not only just to have him (since I know there are many people out there who can't have kids or who have lost kids) but also just how he is personality-wise. He is so sweet and we love him so much.

I know most parents love their kids and think their own kids are the cutest, and of course I think my kid is awesome (most of the time) and cute too. Please don't get me wrong - I realize my kid has flaws - many of them. He is bratty at times and has meltdowns like other kids. But overall, we feel really lucky with him.

He is and has been (at least up to this point) an 'easy' kid. He has one of those more easy going personalities and has never given us constant difficulty. He has his moments, but tends towards either a laid back or a happy disposition most of the time. He wakes up in the morning happy and goes down for naps and bedtime with no struggle (yes, literally no struggle).

Part of the reason he has been so good is because we worked really hard when he was born to get him into a routine. For that reason, he has slept through the night since about 8 weeks. He has had times where he has been up at night (when he was sick or teething) but other than that, he sleeps great. We love it and it gets us really good sleep also. I think that makes a huge difference for parents. I can't imagine having a kid who still is up at night even some of the time.

He has been getting closer to the 'terrible twos' as he is 22 months. He defies us a fair amount now but we have been working on it and trying to discipline him so he knows that when we say no we mean no. We are working on consistency and trying to have him understand why he can't do certain things. He is not too bad right now and hopefully he won't get too much worse but we will see.

For now I just consider us lucky. They always say God doesn't give you more than you handle and I think He knew just what He was doing when He gave us Xander!

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