Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Well then, it is Tuesday and here we go.

- I got a new job! Woohoo! It is at the same company but in a different department. I applied for two jobs and the one I thought I wanted, I didn't get. But I didn't realize until now that the one I ended up getting actually pays more and will probably be just as good or better in the long run. I start on the 29th and I couldn't be more excited! I am not so fond of the job I have now as many of my previous posts have shown. I know I complained way too much in the past but I really don't like the job I have now and CAN'T wait to start the new one! I got just about a 20% raise! Woot!

- Now that I am feeling happier about the job situation, I think it is time to get healthier. I took the first step by going to my doctor two weeks ago and I have a follow up appointement in April. I am going to work on taking care of myself more and it's time to start eating better and exercising more. I admit, it is much easier to want to take care of yourself when you are in a good mood.

- My sister is coming to town this weekend with her two kids and I can't wait to see her! She hasn't seen Xander walk so hopefully it will be fun for her to see him. Her little boy is almost a year too and that is crazy to me - he just seems like a little baby to me still. Love family!

- I am trying to grow my hair out. I am about 99% certain I have mentioned that before but it ist starting to get a little longer and I am excited. I just want it to be longer by summer so when it is really hot out, I can pull it back.

- My house suffers during the week as it seems like I am always so tired during the week that I never want to clean or do much other than relax and play with my baby. My poor house looks pretty bad during the week but I am not sure I care.

- We have a repair to make on one of our cars and I am not looking forward to it (but who does look forward to car repairs?). It makes us think more seriously about maybe getting a different car. I would like to get a new car just so we don't have to worry about the risk of a major repair. Not sure what will happen with this but I will get back to you!

- I am so ready for the weekend even though it is only Tuesday. At least tomorrow is hump day! Also, it is much easier to stomach my job knowing that I only have a week and a half left of it. Yay! (Have I mentioned I don't like the job I am currently in? It makes me sooooo thankful for the new one!)

- I need a vacation. And on another random note, we need to have a garage sale. I think we are going to try to have one sometime this spring to get rid of a bunch of junk. Ugh - we have so much crap!
Oh, and check out the un-mom for more Tuesday randomness!

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Travel & Dive Girl on March 17, 2010 at 7:28 AM said...

YEAH!!! I'm so happy for you and your new job. It's great when you know you'll be doing something you enjoy and the increase in pay is also AWESOME!

Now that you've got the job situation in order, you will have no problem getting other things in your life in order. It will fall into place.

As for your house, don't worry about it. The cleaning will always be there no matter what your week has been like. Just be sure to take the time to enjoy those around you...

Maybe you can take a vacation now with the pay increase *wink*. We actually have a vacation fund and automatically have $25 a week transferred into that account and by the end of the year, there is a nice amount - it doesn't pay for the entire vacation, but it does look after a nice chunk of it.

Happy Tuesday (or now Wednesday)...

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