Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday shopping trip!

I love shopping. I swear I was meant to be super rich because if I was, I would shop every chance I got and I would help get the economy back where it belongs! Haha! :)

That said, I am a sucker for a deal. I found some amazing deals while shopping this morning. I took X with me and we headed to the mall. I went to the Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree and Penneys. I had gift certificates/coupons to all of the places I went, plus I didn't buy anything full price so combining the sale with the gift cards made me stretch my money even further. I am a sucker for bargains, but also went with a purpose. I needed jeans for my little man (I swear he only has two pairs and that doesn't work if diapers leak since I don't do laundry every day). I also was looking for a few new work tops since the weather is changing and some of the stuff I have is now too big or wearing out.

Here are some pics of the stuff I came up with! I personally love all of it!

Ruffle tank from Old Navy. I think it was about $4. I realized I got an extra large and now that I have it home, I am afraid it will be too big! I guess I can always return it - but I love the color and ruffles!

I wear cardigans to work all of the time so when I saw this one on sale plus an extra 40% off I just had to get it! I love the ruffle detail on this too!

So, I don't need socks at all, but I had this gift certificate thing to use at Gap and the lady said I had some more money to spend so they had these cute socks sitting up front for $1 each. On top of the already mega clearance price, they had an extra 40% off too so they were $0.60 each!

I got these cute little cords for X at Gymboree. I had a great coupon there so they ended up being only about $6 (and if you know Gymboree, you know that is super cheap for them!)

This shirt was also from Gymboree. I think this little cowboy/sheriff theme stuff is so cute! These next three shirt all go with the cords. This shirt was about $4!

Another little cowboy themed shirt from Gymboree - same price as the above.

Last little cowboy shirt - so cute! Such cheap prices too!

This was just a cute rugby at Gymboree that was on sale. It ended up being about $7. Super cute and I think we might use this for our family pictures this fall.

Old Navy jammies. We love this style the most of any others and I thought this set was cute (we like the two piece kind, more fitted). This wasn't a great sale, but I had an actual gift card to Old Navy so they were free!

This was on clearance at Gap for little X man. He always looks good in blue.

These two t's are for next summer for X. I couldn't pass them up since they were on a final clearance. They ended up being about $2 each!

This is a cute little thermal type shirt for X. Love the color of blue and also on clearance.

These jeans were the deal of the day (in my book at least)! First of all, I went into there thinking the cheapest jeans they had would be at least $25 to $30. These were $19.50 to start with and they had 30% their jeans so they ended up being $14! Combined with the coupon I had, they were super cheap and he needed jeans plus they are too cute!

Not pictured: tons of other clothes I got for myself at Gap and Penneys. I got 4 short sleeved shirts at Gap for about $1.50 each (man that is cheap) and a few cardigans and layerable shirts at Penneys for work. It was a fun and successful day of shopping!

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Travel & Dive Girl on October 12, 2010 at 8:54 AM said...

Wow, looks like you had a great time! I had to go shopping too last week for my new job. Where I work now is casual, but the new place isn't. I bought a ton of tops, but didn't get good deals like you did. Well done!

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