Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And the waiting begins....

I interviewed for a new job within my company on Friday (a promotion) and now I have to wait to hear whether or not I got the job. I hate waiting! I probably won't know until next week and it is only Tuesday! The interview went ok but whenever someone asks how it went, I never know what to say because I figure it this way - you never really know how it went until you know whether or not you got the job. You could say the interview went great and then not get the job or you could say it went not very good and end up getting the job. You just don't know until you know!

There were a few normal questions in the interview and they asked some weird questions too. I was prepared for some of the regular questions and they threw a few curve balls and asked some different ones. Oh, well. At this point I figure if I get the job then it is meant to be and if I don't then that is ok too. The reason I feel this way is because the job requires quite a bit of travel. So if I don't get the job then I know I am meant to be home more with my son and if I do get it, then I think it means it will be ok if I travel and my son will be ok without me home some of the time.

The hardest thing about not getting the job will be not getting the $13,000 pay raise that comes with it. Yeah, you read that right. They pay you pretty darn well for having to travel so much. If I got the job, I would make almost twice what I made when I first started with the company less than a year ago. I won't lie and say the raise wouldn't be nice!

Anyway, I am sure I will post about what happens either way!

On a sort of related note, I was really scatter brained at work today! It wasn't my fault though. I have some extra projects going on at work right now which is making me a lot busier and I have to jump from one task to the next and did that even more so than usual today. I still got a lot done but the day went fast and I just felt out of sorts. I am happy that I have the extra projects though because I know it means my boss is trusting me to do more work and harder things now. Yay for a job I love! Oh yeah, that is the other reason I won't be so sad if I don't get the job - I love the one I have now! I am a lucky girl!

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