Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stomach Flu, Broken Computers, Busted AC

As the title suggests, the last few days at our house have not been fun.

Stomach flu hit me and the kiddo and something else hit Todd. He was sick all day Tuesday with us and was better Wednesday while me and X were still both sick Wednesday. Earlier today I was feeling somewhat better but not great. I did feel better as the day went on. I went to work today but so wish I could have stayed home instead.

Both of our laptops decided to go funky on us at once. Originally just one did, then the other. Todd figured out what was wrong and for now they are back in action.

The AC decided to call it quits sometime between midnight Tuesday night and 8 am Wednesday morning. I noticed it was a little warm in our house and saw it was 76 when the temp was set at 72. Not a good sign. Todd tried all of the things he could to fix it but we had to call the repairman. Of course they were backed up since it was a heat index of well over 100 for the last few days and lots of people were having the same problem. It ended up getting to 85 in our house that day - awful! Anyway, it was fixed about 3 that day and got all the way back to 72 within 12 hours. I never realized the depth of my love affair with the ac until it broke.

Needless to say, our bad things came in a set of three like they do so I am hoping tomorrow - Friday the 13th - gives us no grief. We have been through enough this week thankyouverymuch!

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Travel & Dive Girl on August 13, 2010 at 8:19 AM said...

Oh wow. Sounds like you had a tough week. Today will be a breeze - you should buy a lotto ticket and show Friday the 13th whose boss.

Darryl Iorio on May 15, 2013 at 10:26 AM said...

I hate it when the AC decides to quit right in the middle of the night, then I would wake up sweating and feverishly hot. Have your AC clean regularly to make sure it's not harboring inches of dirt that could cause malfunction.

Darryl Iorio

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