Thursday, May 21, 2009

My sweet little 6 month old!

Xander is 6 months old today! I can't believe that half a year has gone by since he was born! It feels like it was yesterday. My life has never gone so fast! I think the reason this part of my life is going so fast is because I am not working. I think there is going to be a point in the not too far future that I am going to have to work at least part time. I dread having to go back to work full time if I ever have to.

It is so fun to watch all of the little things he can do now! I remember when he was a newborn and just sat there and couldn't do anything. It was great and boring at the same time. I loved that he couldn't go anywhere or do anything and needed me for everything. It is nice to feel needed by someone. But, I was excited for the day he started to smile and sit up and crawl and walk. I can't believe we have achieved half of those milestones already!

He is basically sitting up now. He can only sit by himself for a few seconds without falling but he sits without much help when he does have support. He has good head control but I think his big head makes it harder to balance himself - and the doctor said there is some truth to that! He was about 90% for his head size and only 20% for his weight!

He is eating both rice cereal and oatmeal cereal now and is going to try a vegetable for the first time today! I think we are going to try carrots, but we will see. He is really getting the hang of eating - he even opens his mouth for the spoon now when it comes his way! I love it! Plus it makes it a lot easier then trying to force the spoon in his mouth. We are even trying a sippy cup with water now to get him used to it for the future!

I can't wait until he sits all the time and can start creeping and crawling! Those will be the next fun milestones! I also can't wait until he starts to say words too! We need to get his 6 month pictures taken! I haven't even made the appointment yet but Todd is trying to convince me to wait until he can completely sit on his own so we can get pictures of him sitting! With our luck, we will wait and then on the day of the pictures, he will fall over every time! :)

Here are a few new pictures of my little sweetie!

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