Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nothing new....

There is absolutely nothing new in my world right now.

I have been working on feeding Xander rice cereal daily but haven't gotten to it every day. He still spits out just about as much as he swallows but he has gotten a little bit better. It is so cute though to watch him make faces and to see him sit up like a big boy in his high chair!

I admit I did my first dumpster dive tonight. I went to a local recycling center and they have one dumpster just for newspaper that was pretty clean so I went and dug out some coupons. I think this takes the cake for finding ways to save money! My husband probably thinks I am crazy but hey, money is money, right?

I am heading out tomorrow to go to the post office to send a few packages and off to a few stores for some crazy good deals! I can't help but scoop up as many bargains as possible each week! I am going to return some cardstock that was full price so I can get it on sale and probably buy a 12x12 three drawer storage container for cardstock.

I just finished half of Xander's three month layout and it is one I am actually proud of! I am so behind though and really need to work on his scrapbook in the next week or so. I have to order more pictures for the most current layouts.

I cleaned out some of my lower cupboards in the kitchen and washed a bunch of pans and bowls that we haven't used in a while. I also wanted to dig out my coffee pot to start using again soon and discovered some nasty mold as I had left coffee grounds in it before I last stored it (which was more than a year ago). YUCK!!! Oh well. I have washed it and am going to run both bleach and vinegar through it so it is completely clean. I also dug out my recipe box and am looking forward to organizing that and actually trying a few recipes that I have never tried!

Here are three pictures of Xander "enjoying" his rice cereal.

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Amy on May 6, 2009 at 9:22 PM said...

I think you need to take that picture you have of him in black and white (above) and just highlight his beautiful blue eyes and see what that does to the picture. I'd love to see it!

Sarah on May 7, 2009 at 12:58 PM said...

I actually tried that and it didn't work. :( The color effect that you can choose an object to colorize with only works in a circular area so I would have to do his eyes and some of his hair and face. Oh well!

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