Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts - I got the day right finally!

- HA! Notice the title! I had most of this post typed out and ready to go on Tuesday but never got it posted. Such is my life recently! It took me two days to finally get it posted. Sad.

- The random tuesday thoughts really works for me because I am kind of a random person anyway and my brain skips from one thought to another to another.

- I am so happy with my job I almost feel guilty. I feel like ..... I wonder if other people love their job as much as I do and why do I get to be the lucky one who has a job they love and get paid well too? I guess I shouldn't feel guilty at all....I have had enough crappy jobs in my time, it's high time that I have a job I love!

- That said, it can be overwhelming at times. It feels like I just learned all of my job functions and they keep giving me more and more to do. That is good and bad. Good because it keeps me busy so I don't get bored and it means they trust me to do more. It's bad because it stresses me out since I am worrying that I may not be able to get everything done that they give me to do.

- I took my series 24 test and I was studying every night for a few weeks before I took the test so it is almost like I was working every waking hour for that time period since taking the test is work related. I just got my book for my series 66 and I will probably take the test in about 3-4 weeks so there is more work related stuff I have to do on my personal time.

- I have these tests that I need to take also for work but they aren't like the ones I am studying for outside of work. They are just short quizzes you take after reading the material and you do it all online. I have to do those test which are department specific, then I am also doing some company specific tests. I have taken a few classroom courses recently, then I have to take a comprehensive exam in a few weeks. Are we sensing a theme here? Tests and tests and more tests. Bleh. I actually don't mind them but since I am trying to do all of these things at once, they are stressing me out.

- I am also having issues with my weight. I have lost about 10 pounds in the last few weeks but I have so much more I would like to lose. I am starting to feel the crunch - my brothers wedding is in four months and I don't want to be the fattest person there and I don't want to ruin his family pictures by being the fat family member. Pretty much the rest of my side of the family is normal to skinny in size and I am not. I know that is a reasonable goal - I mean I can't (and shouldn't) lose as much weight as I want in four months, but I know it is reasonable to lose some. If I lose 20 more pounds I will be very happy. I actually would like to lose more like 30 by his wedding but we will see.

- I need a vacation!!!! We haven't been anywhere lately and I am pretty upset about it. I am not expecting a super nice fancy vacation, but I just want to get away! We never go anywhere or do anything and I hate it.

- I also continue to wonder/think about where we will end up. Not knowing kills me. I am a planner. I need to know ahead of time what is going to happen because I hate being forced to make quick decisions as I usually make the wrong ones if pressed for time.

- I am starting to wonder if one kid is all we will have and I will end up being career driven. I never wanted to be that or had any drive to, but since I had to go back to work and actually ended up with a job I love, it starts making me think that maybe I can keep working my way up and ending up with a great paying job.

- I sometimes wonder how other people see me. Do they think I am nice, smart, stupid, ditzy, mean, loud, annoying, cheerful?? I try not to care too much but recently I have been thinking a lot about that. Also, I wonder if I am a good friend. That is hard to know. I supposed your friends will either tell you if they have a problem with you or they will start acting different towards you. I dunno.

- I am having a problem right now with a dilemma in my life and I don't think I am dealing with it very well. I don't want to get into it too much but I am really torn and have even cried about it a little bit because it is stressing me out quite a bit. If I do this thing that I think I need to do, I have a feeling it will hurt someones feelings and though I don't want to do that, in some ways I feel like it is the only option and there is a very good reason for me needing to do it. Time will tell but I am hoping to make a decision soon.

-I am going to be writing some open letters soon as there are just a few things that really need to be said! Besides, who doesn't love open letters right?

- Looking forward to the weekend even though I do love my job. I am going to try and get more sleep this weekend so I can feel more rested and less stressed. Sounds like we might be indoors most weekend as it is supposed to rain most of the time. I think I will be getting groceries tomorrow night too so I can not have to fight the weekend crowds and so I miss the rain!

-My house is a mess. It is always a mess. And I am not sure I care.

-My kiddo is so cute! I will always say this - I know I am so biased but that's ok. I know I am! But I still think X is cute! And he's pretty sweet too so that doesn't hurt! :)

-I think I am going to try to get to bed early tonight since tomorrow will be a stessful day at work - lots to do. Goodnight!

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