Monday, May 31, 2010

The long weekend

So glad to have a long weekend - haven't had one in a while and haven't had an extra day off in almost four months! Trying to enjoy this day as much as possible!

This is what I (we) have done so far this weekend.

Had a garage sale Friday and Saturday - went well! Sold some big items so that brought our sales total up quite a bit.

After the garage sale, got showered and ready and went to dinner with the hubs and kiddo then went to NFM to look at a new kitchen table and coffee table and end tables since we sold all of that on the garage sale (wanted to get rid of as it was all glass and that doesn't work so well with a toddler who gets his grubby little hands on everything and makes a huge mess!) I think we found our kitchen table for sure and are pretty sure of the coffee table. The end tables are another story. We like this one coffee table but the end tables that match are so expensive! We were thinking of getting the coffee table (black wood) and finding some cheaper end tables somewhere else that are cheaper but match good enough (heck, they aren't right next to each other so as long as they are close).

Was lazy most of yesterday. Didn't do hardly a thing - didn't shower til 9 pm - haha!

Today so far I have gotten just a few things done but have a long list in my head that I am going to start working on soon. I got the dishwasher emptied (still need to reload) and got the kiddos bedding changed since he decided to pee through his diaper and onto his clothes overnight. Changed the changing pad cover as that was dirty too. Otherwise, not much done so far but here is the list for the rest of the day.

Reload dishwasher
Clean up toys in living room (the never ending job :)
Wash X's laundry
3 loads of our laundry
Start working on leftover piles of stuff from garage sale - sort it all
Clean up our bedroom - piles of clothes everywhere
Make a Target and Walmart run for a few things
Repaint my toenails (I have been lazy on this one and it is summer - need to keep up)
Give the X-man a bath (has become a chore as of late - he is suddenly scared of the tub even though nothing really happened to him)
Do some work from home - probably will only take a half hour
Wash George for Xander (if you don't know the story - Curious George is Xander's lovey and best friend - goes everywhere with him and he uses him as a pillow at night - therefore snot/slobber/drool/food gets all over him and he is gross! need to hand wash him which will take a while)
Clip the dogs nails
Etc, etc, etc

The list is never ending really, especially with a kid and a dog

Hope everyone else is having a fun weekend!

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Travel & Dive Girl on May 31, 2010 at 1:47 PM said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on today! Remember to RELAX.

We have gone for over 5 years without nice end tables. We just can't find anything we want - at a price we're willing to pay. It's stupid when end tables are almost the same price as a full size table.

I haven't painted my toenails for the season yet either. I'm waiting for the outdoor yard work to be done, so it doesn't wreck my newly painted toes.

Hope you have a great day!

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