Thursday, January 20, 2011

A million things.....

Are going through my head right now. Like....

-My $12,000 plus hospital bill that I am still not sure if the insurance company paid on.

-The perfect storm that is closing on our house in Nebraska and closing on our house here in Colorado. The timing of it is just crazy - We literally have to close on the house back home the Friday before we close on our new house (on Monday). Crazy. Good thing we don't have to be back in Nebraska for the closing there!

-Moving our stuff and the timing of when the moving truck will come back home and when they will drop off here and how many days I will be sleeping on the floor in our new house until the bed is delivered. :) Maybe an air mattress purchase is in my future!

-Finding a daycare for the kiddo. I have looked at some online and will start making calls soon.

- Passing the series 53 for work. I have to take it on Friday, February 4th and I haven't been doing the best at studying it but will hit it soon. I must pass.

-Buying furniture for our new house. We don't need a lot but will need some stuff and don't know where to find good stuff out here.

-Losing weight. I have gained some back and hate it and know part of the gain is due to stress. Must.Do.Something.

-A baby. Todd and I go back and forth about whether we want another kid or not. I am pretty sure right now we are on 'no'. But that could change again.

-A bunch more random stuff that no one cares about.

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Travel & Dive Girl on January 20, 2011 at 7:42 PM said...

First - I LOVE the new look of your blog - very cute picture!

Second - Once your life gets settled, you'll get back into the weight loss groove.

Third - My kiddo is 18 and my hubby and I still go back on forth on whether to have another one. eeekkk!

Good luck with everything you have going on. Don't stress yourself out to much :)

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