Friday, January 28, 2011


I know the world goes on with little care for what is going on in my life and how stressed I am but I can't help feeling like I have been and will be stressed forever!

I am trying to breathe deeply but the little things are getting to me, probably because all the little things add up to a huge feeling of being overwhelmed.

I am ready to be done with moving. All I am thinking about these days is what we have to do today as far as paperwork or phone calls or emails to make sure everything goes perfect and we get closed on our new house on time. It seems like so many things could go wrong and a few things already have. I cannot wait until this is over and we are settled once and for all out here!

Right now we are still waiting on the underwriting decision to make sure we actually are approved for our loan. I'm not worried about being denied, but what I am worried about is the time frame. We close on February 14th and they just got our information yesterday and if it takes several days to review and then they come back saying some information is missing and we get any documents or whatever they need and send it back, it can take several more days to review. Going back and forth more than once means we can't close on time which can't happen or we will literally be homeless.

We are also trying to get everything finished up on our home back in Nebraska so that we can close on that house on time. Our new loan won't go through unless we close on our old house first. The list has been never ending on things we have to fix on our old house for Todd's company to buy it from us. We are so sick of that house and though I may have a few feelings of nostalgia seeing it one last time, mostly I just want to rid myself of it. It has been such a burden! Part of the reason is because after having 'owned' it for 5+ years, we are getting nothing out of it and actually are losing a little bit. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about since we have dumped so much money into that house and have nothing to show for it. We are convinced that won't happen to us with our new house. At least we are hoping!

We are going to Nebraska again this weekend to finish up the house stuff, but more importantly, to see our little baby! It has been two weeks and I miss him so much that it hurts! I have gotten really emotional the last few weeks without him, more so than the last time I didn't see him. It sucks not having a daycare here yet and not being settled. Otherwise, he would be here with us. We only get to see him for little more than a day but we are so excited! We are also going to bring some stuff back with us that the movers can't move so we don't have to worry about it later. We won't get back home tonight until about 3 am so we will be exhausted tomorrow but we will get through it.

The good news is, this crazy stress should be short lived. We close on our new house in just over two weeks and once our stuff is delivered to our new house, I am hoping we will be mostly settled and unpacked within another week after that. So all in all, about 4 more weeks of stress, with it tapering off towards three weeks from now. I am ready for a mental break.

Oh yeah, one more thing to add stress. I am studying for my series 53 test right now for my job. I have to pass the test on February 7th or I will have to take it again within a month. I have been trying to study for it but have been so busy and stressed that I haven't been doing a good job. I hope I pass the test. I would hate to have to tell my boss that I failed.

Here's to less stressful days!

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