Friday, April 17, 2009

Habit nearly formed...

So they say if you want to make a habit of doing something, you need to do it for 21 days for it to stick. Well, I think I am getting closer to making it a habit to work out regularly. I have walked I think 9 of the last 13 days or something like that. I was thrown off a little when I got that nasty cold but am back on track and am doing more challenging workouts everyday. I am only walking on the treadmill at this point, but each day I go a little faster and do a steeper incline. My incline was up to an 8 today! It gave me a good burn. I am eventually going to add in weights and crunches for toning, but thought I just needed to get started and get in the habit first before I challenged myself too much to the point where I would want to quit. I am feeling good about exercising. Now if I can only conquer the eating! I am so bad about going on a "diet". I am going to give the weight watchers points thing a whirl, but haven't gotten ready mentally for that yet.

So tonight is the THIRD night I got Xander to bed before 10! I wrote in a previous note that I wanted to keep backing up his bedtime until it is 8 or earlier. Tonight was about 9:40, last night about 9:15 and the night before that about 9:30. The only downside is that he wakes up earlier, but I think this will be better for him in the long run.

I got our two converter boxes tonight so I think in a week or less we will be giving up our beloved cable! I am not too sad to see it go since it costs us over $90 a month! Makes me sick to think about how much money we have wasted on it!

Here is a new pic of my little cutie!

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