Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am slow.

I always have some ideas of what I want to write about but I always put off writing. I am slow about getting my ideas down. I think of a hundred ideas of what I want to write about each week but I just never seem to get around to most of them probably because I have the kiddo to take care of!

I will try to write more for no one's sake but my own. This is definitely an outlet for me. I feel better just getting some of the ideas out of my head.

I have had some great shopping trips recently where I have scored some amazing deals. I also have gotten a fair amount done on Xander's two scrapbooks and I am excited about my progress.

This is just a post stating that I am going to have more posts soon. I also need to work on my pictures that I am taking for the contest I signed up for. I only have half a month left but that is ok. I will get it done. I work well under pressure!

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