Monday, June 29, 2009

My Messy House

My house is always a mess and I have to debate everyday whether I would rather clean it more or spend time with my son. That sounds silly, but I really could spend a lot more time cleaning and a lot less time interacting with my son. This is the question I always end up asking myself - in the end (when my son is older or even just a year or two from now), will I care if my house was clean in the past or will I care how much time I spent with my son? That is an obvious answer. I also think, what if something would happen to my son and I only had him around for a short time? Would I care if my house was cleaned if I no longer had my son? Heck no. Every second I get with him is precious and I would give up almost anything else to be with him. I know I can't be with him every second of every day, but I want to spend as much time with him as possible. My house is messy most of the time, but I figure - we live here and we have a child! It would almost be unnatural to have a super clean house when you have a child living there! Anyway, that is just what is on my mind right now. I always look around my house and think, man I need to clean this mess! I have a feeling that will always be the case so I think I will just learn to live with it!

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