Thursday, June 4, 2009


So, I went to my mom's house in Lincoln today and she helped me get more done on my scrapbook. Now I am only 2 months behind instead of 4! I need to work on my smaller scrapbook too but I am feeling pretty good about how much I got done. I am still so new to this that I don't have a lot of great ideas and my mom is great at helping me. When I get a few more layouts done, I will probably take some pictures and post them. I think tomorrow I am going to continue working on my big scrapbook as well as my smaller one. I am now more behind on my 8x8 scrapbook, but that one is much easier to work on then the 12x12 one. I think I am still 3 months behind on that one but I could work on it for an hour and be just about caught up where as with the big one, it takes me an hour to get half of a layout done! I am excited by my progress though and am excited to keep on working at it!

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