Monday, June 1, 2009

Huggies Overnites deal!

I am just so obsessed with getting a good deal! I am continually trying to figure out how to get more stuff for free or at least for cheap.

There was an awesome deal I got on diapers today and I just had to write about it! I went to Baker's today (our version of Kroger) and they had Huggies diapers on sale for $8.99 a package! That is cheaper than Walmart carries them everyday and cheaper than when Target puts them on sale. Normally I am not much of a Huggies fan, but my sister says she likes the Overnites for her daughter and I thought I would get them to try since Xander sleeps a minimum of 10 hours a night.

So the diapers were on sale for $8.99 a jumbo pack which is already a good price. They also had a deal where if you buy $15 or more worth of Huggies products, you get $3 off your purchase automatically when you check out. So that took the total from $18 to $15. Then, I had a Cellfire coupon for $1 off which I had forgotten about (bonus!!!!) AND I was able to use a $2 off coupon for one and a $3 off coupon for the other so I got two packs for $9 total!!!!! That is the cost of one pack normally! So, $4.50 each is about as good as you can get-even for generic brand diapers! I know Walgreens sometimes puts their store brand on sale for $4.50 a pack and that is the cheapest I have seen!

I just love getting good deals! Granted, these diapers are too big for Xander now but he will be able to use them in the future and I like to stock up for the future whenever there is a good deal (I have more than 700 diapers in his closet right now). :)

The weird thing was, I have read on other blogs that sometimes you can use a manufacturer coupon for an item even when it isn't the exact item and it worked today. The coupon went through at the register with no problem or beeps! The item was for Huggies Pure and Natural diapers which they don't even carry, but they took the coupon! Yay!

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A Frugal Friend on June 6, 2009 at 10:42 PM said...

I've been stocking up on Huggies too! Love this deal - don't forget to submit your receipts to Caregiver's Marketplace for some additional $ too. Yeah for Huggies!

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