Thursday, February 18, 2010

My week so far

Glad it is Thursday night, which means tomorrow is Friday! I am ready for this week to be over even though it was a short one. I have said it before and I will say it again - I don't love my job. But on that note, I am excited because there are two new jobs that opened up at my company that I am very interested in. Also, it's a small promotion but it's not like it would be a long shot or way out of my league to get either of those jobs so I would say I have a decent chance. Even though I have only worked at the company for four months, I have industry knowledge and my 7 and 63 which might help me get a different job. I am already starting to feel a little happier at the thought of getting another job within the company and actually somewhat enjoying my job each day, or at least not dreading it as much as the one I have now.

I was watching the olympics tonight and I picked Xander up to take him up to bed and he pointed at the tv. It was Jeremy Abbott ice skating and I said 'say night-night to Jeremy'. :) I am such a dork, but Xander did his little wave that he does when he say bye or good night and it was so cute!

This is not really part of my week but more part of my life in general. I have type 1 diabetes and most days I don't think much about it but every once in a while I hate it or it makes me mad, sad or frustrated. I went to give myself my 24 hour insulin tonight and when I injected myself, it left a huge bubble under my skin as it sometimes (actually rarely) does. It is so gross! It just looks like a bubble under my skin about the size of a quarter. It goes away eventually once the insulin makes its way into my body further but how yucky is that?! Sorry, just had to share.

We decided to be smart about our tax return money and a potential bonus Todd will get this year. We decided to take a chunk of the money and improve some small things in our house. We have already put cabinet pulls on all of the cabinets and knobs on all of the drawers in the kitchen. Todd replaced one of the two bathroom faucets - they need replacing very badly. He also picked out and installed a new kitchen faucet on Wednesday - I am so proud of him that he was able to figure it out in a few hours! That was also something that needed replacing badly. We also found new door knobs that work. We are replacing the ones we have from a shiny gold finish to all matted silver finish. He has already switched a few out and we had to buy a few different brands to find one that would fit. I am so excited even though those things seem like small changes - they make a nice visual impact.

Anyway, this weekend we are going to go out and do more shopping for household things. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also found curtains for the living room this week. I even managed to find some on clearance that work well with our living room! The funny thing is, we have lived in this house four years and have never even put curtains up in the living room. How sad is that? Anyway, we are going to get a set of vertical blinds to go over our back patio door, possibly get a second bathroom faucet, a light fixture for our bathroom (silver to replace gold) and we might get a new light fixture for the ceiling in our living room. We are also thinking about getting a headboard and footboard for our bed but haven't decided on that yet.

I am so, so excited to make our house a little nicer! Now if only we had money to replace the carpet!

I think this weekend we are also going to get together with the family for my sister-in-laws birthday. I love getting together with family so that should be fun. Family is so special to me. Sorry to sound cheesy but it is so true!

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Travel & Dive Girl on February 22, 2010 at 12:52 PM said...

Wow, I'm just catching up now. So now that the weekend is over - did you have a nice time with family?

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