Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I've been up to

The answer to the title is not much, yet quite a bit.

I think what I have been up to is not much that is interesting but quite a bit - enough to where I've felt like I haven't had much time to write.

I started feeling sick on Tuesday. I am getting sicker by the day but still am not that sick yet. Hoping the full blown nasty cold stays away.

Kiddo had his 15 month appointment yesterday and got shots. He was already starting to come down with a little bit of a cold and the shots seemed to make him worse. Now he has a cough and still has the runny nose and has had a low grade fever and is majorly lethargic. Last night, all he did was lay in my or Todd's arms the whole evening. A far cry from his normal wandering around looking at and touching things and picking everything up! Poor baby!

Todd has been doing great with the house projects. We just need to get a few more door knobs put on and all of the projects we have started so far will be done. He got the new light put up in the entryway this week (so much better looking than the old one).

Work has been dragging this week and each day seems longer and longer. I dread going to work everyday but once I am there, find that it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Still, I don't enjoy it and am hoping for a chance at one of the two jobs I applied for within the company.

Todd had a busy week this week with inventory and other normal work stuff. He had to work overnight on Tuesday night and I slept terrible without him home. I guess I have become very dependant on him for my comfort and safety. I guess that is how I want it!

Looking forward to the weekend as usual. I am hoping to get some serious cleaning done around the house as it has become a huge pit since we started all these small projects. I am not going to put too much pressure on myself but I do want to get some stuff done.

I decided to start my couch to 5k running again on Monday but started feeling sick on Tuesday so once I am better (hopefully by next Monday at the latest) I am going to start again. I am kind of excited to get back to the point where I can run more. I need to drop some serious lbs and hopefully this will get me started.

I decided to grow my hair out (again) and am wondering how long it will take to get it where I really want it. I am thinking two full years but maybe closer to a year and a half or less. The thing is, I have to keep up on the color, otherwise I will hate it. If I try to let it grow and don't get the color done often enough then I end up hating it and wanting to chop it all off. We will see how this one goes. I am notorious for chopping my hair every time it starts getting a little longer. I haven't had long hair since high school - 9 years ago!

Time for bed. Since I am fighting off this cold I am trying to get good sleep and haven't done so well most of this week. Sweet dreams!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you and Xander are both fighting colds as well as some new shots. Hopefully by the weekend you will be feeling better and the warmer weather will make us all feeling great! Missed seeing my little guy last week while dad babysat him....boooo!


Travel & Dive Girl on February 26, 2010 at 8:19 AM said...

Hope you guys feel better soon. I had a cold 2 weeks ago and then got better and then I woke up last night with a runny nose - appears it has returned.

Good luck on those internal jobs you applied for. As you said before, it would be nice to stay within the company, but do something you'll enjoy. My thoughts are with you.

Have a great weekend - don't work too hard.

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