Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Here is how our v-day turned out. Saturday night, Todd brought me home some flowers and I love them! Not to ruin the fun, but Todd knows that I hate when he spends a fortune on flowers, especially around v-day because they jack up the price so much. While I think it is a romantic gesture, to me it is a big waste of money. Flowers die where as most other gifts last longer (with the exception of chocolate - haha). Anyway, he got me these really pretty flowers and didn't spend a ton so I love them even more! Here is a picture of them.

We decided not to spend much on v-day since we have a lot more important things to spend our money on right now. He got me a cute pair of pink slippers (which I asked for) that have a hard sole (something I asked that the slippers have). He also got me this nice new alarm clock as the one I have is little and crappy. Also, it seems to not work as well as it used to - there have been a few times recently that I hit the snooze button and it never went off again and because of that, I was almost late to work.
Anyway, I decided to get him a Huskers insulated coffee mug and a pilsner glass with the Huskers logo on it too. I also got him some nice chocolates.
We then had a yummy dinner of pizza. Yeah, it was a little boring but it was heart shaped! I thought it would be fun to get that for dinner since I knew Todd would be hungry when he got home. Overall, it was a nice day. Hope everyone else enjoyed their day!

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