Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calling my name...

Man, I love the feeling of working out and how the number on the scale keeps going down. But, every time I go to the basement I see my scrapbooks, unfinished and calling my name. They stare up at me from the 6 foot table they are laying open on. I need to finish them and start some others! I must not be a scrapper at heart because if I was, I would probably find the time. But I look at it this way. Most moms who scrapbook either stay at home full time, have kids that are older, don't work out every night or have a much better schedule than me. Either that or I just don't make the time. But I am going with the other reasons! :)

I want to work on them - I really do! I just have to find the motivation. I swear as Xander gets older it will get easier (unless we have another kid) and also right now we have just had so much going on on the weekends and when life slows down a little more again I will have time. At least I keep telling myself that.

I will do it! I want to do it! Wish me luck in finding some time to finish not one, but two scrapbooks! And did I mention I still have to order pictures to finish them? Hahaha!

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Amy on June 30, 2010 at 9:04 AM said...

The key for me to scrapbook is to sign up for a crop and go regardless if Madison has a soccer game, Grant has a track meet or Tyler has his sport of the season. I consider it well deserved time off and if I don't go, I'd never scrap again. That would be a sad event! So, call Archiver's and go. I had a blast last Friday there with my friend Amy.

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