Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a quick one

A few quick updates to my life.

I am studying for my 66 exam which I have to take next Monday and I am not even all the way through the book! I better cram the rest of this week and this weekend!

Which brings me to another point. Father's day is this weekend so if we do something, hopefully it won't be all day so I can study at some point.

Xander has pink eye so he stayed home from daycare today and Todd and I each worked a half day. He has a cough too. Poor little guy.

I didn't work out tonight since it technically was my day off. I just stretched a bit since my whole lower body is so sore that I am walking funny! It hurts! Back to it tomorrow!

I did a terrible thing - I went and bought a tanning package. I know it is so so so bad for you but I hate being so pale all summer since I have to work indoors and just want to feel a little good about myself. Shame, shame I know.

I am very seriously considering getting Invisalign for my teeth since I have wanted to have them fixed for years. I don't mind my smile but my teeth aren't great. They aren't awful either but not great. I am working up ways in my head to be able to afford it since it is not cheap. I would love to get it because it is basically clear on your teeth and my teeth aren't so messed up that I will need full braces I don't think. I bet I would have it for about a year and my teeth would be quite a bit better. I have always disliked my teeth so I am going to go for it for sure at some point....just a matter of when (and figuring out the money like I said).

Off to seems like I am getting less and less sleep these days and I am not sure if that will change anytime soon!

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