Thursday, June 3, 2010

New stuff!

We have just been on a shopping spree recently! Well, kinda. Most of it was stuff we needed and only a few things we didn't.

Here are some of our new purchases!

Coffee table - we sold ours on the garage sale because it was glass and our little man was always getting it dirty. We sold the end tables too but we haven't bought those yet.

(We thought the coffee table was black and most of it looks black in the picture, however, the drawer on the side that comes out kinda weird makes it look like it is much lighter wood but it is just the inside)

Kitchen table and chairs. It is a high top table which was not my first choice but Todd really wanted it. Also, we had a glass kitchen table like the coffee table and were tired of the fingerprints.

Lens and flash for our camera. We already had a decent camera (Nikon D40) but we wanted to upgrade our lens and flash to be able to take great pictures. We have already tried them out and love them so far - I think this will help with my wanna be photographer hobby. I like to take pics but they only turned out ok before.

(Just the lens, the flash is kinda boring)

Basketball hoop for X. Ok, this one is silly but I thought I would throw it in there cause it is cute! Daddy got it for him. Still a little small for it but he will grow into it I think!

Crib for Xander. This was not by choice - the one we had was recalled. Though we don't have it at home yet, we ordered this one online and it should be here in a week or so. Putting it together will not be fun but you do what you gotta do! I think it is nice looking though and we actually saved some money over the original one we got him!
(This is just the stock photo from the website.)

I suppose that is about all! We got a new car a month and a half ago but that is kinda old news now! Although it does still maintain that 'new car smell' which I adore and I hope it does for a while!

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Amy on June 6, 2010 at 11:19 AM said...

Very cute coffee table!

I'm ready to visit NFM too for a new couch...just wish my checkbook was too! LOL

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