Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anything and Everything!

My life has felt a little nuts lately! I am so busy, I haven't been getting enough sleep, I have been working out a lot, I was studying a lot for tests for work, my husband and kiddo were both sick and I got a little bit sick also and our house is a perpetual mess. Ahhhh! I just feel stressed out and not sure what to do or where to start. While I ponder what to start with, here is the latest in my life.

We are a little relieved because our next door neighbors have moved out. It was a lot of drama all of the time. There were two ambulances there within the last few months and a cop car there once a month for the last several months. The guy was an alcoholic, in and out of rehab, fired from his job and his wife was lazy, refused to get a job, is on welfare, they didn't pay their rent, they aired their drama out on facebook all of the time like 16 years old and they were 40. They finally got kicked out of the house (with police involvement - what fun) and now they are gone. We are pretty happy with that as we just want to live in a normal neighborhood with normal people.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took my series 66 test on Monday and passed. I was sure I was going to fail because I put off studying until the last week and I didn't even get all of the way through the practice tests. I can't believe I passed! This test was actually easier than the last one I took and there was a lot less material to cover but I was a lot less prepared also which is why I feel lucky I passed. Anyway, I took two tests in a row and have been studying one thing or another for the last three months so I am taking a break now. I don't think I will take a test again for at least a few months or most of the summer.

I got to see my sister yesterday who lives in Arkansas. She was in Lincoln with her two kids and her mother in law. It was awesome to see them and we get to see them again in less than three months at my brothers wedding! I love family!

We cancelled our cable last summer to save money and since then we got Netflix so we could still some movies and tv on dvd. Todd just figured out how to stream Netflix through our Wii and now we have been watching a ton of different things through the Wii. We have gotten into the series Weeds and we really like it. I have been being dumb and watching the Hills. We have actually been watching too much tv if you ask me but we are slowly watching less and getting back to a normal amount.

I'm actually more excited to pick out an outfit for Xander than for me for my brothers wedding. I think it will be fun to get him a little suit or a little shirt and tie. I think I am going to try to get outfits for me, Todd and Xander that are all somewhat matching. It will be fun to be a little coordinated family! I'm not going to pick out a dress for me until probably 2-3 weeks before the wedding since hopefully I will be losing weight up until the wedding. I hope that won't be waiting too long and I hope I'm not unable to find something if I wait that long. We shall see.

I just saw the lowest number on the scale a few days ago since before I was pregnant! That is the best feeling and makes me want to keep going and working hard at losing weight. I know I can do it! I just have to keep trying. I have about two and a half months until my brothers wedding and I am hoping to lose about 20 more pounds. If I do that, I will be feeling awesome I know (but I still want to lose about a total of 35-40 more pounds).

Those are a few things on my brain right now. I am sure I will be back to share some more soon!

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