Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little sad

I guess this is a little bit related to my last post. For some reason I have been a little sad lately, going along with the stress (or maybe it came after). I don't know why - things are going pretty darn well - I am down about 15 pounds in the last 2 months, we switched daycare and Xander seems to be doing well, my job is going really well and my workouts are going pretty well also. I am not sure what my deal is but I am just kinda feeling blue recently. It could be a mood swing in my cycle and that would make sense. It just seems worse than usual. Anyway, enough about my mood, here is what is going on with us right now.

Xander got his second haircut today! Maybe I am a bad mom but I didn't take any pictures this time. The whole thing wasn't great for many reasons - I didn't think he really needed a haircut yet anyway because I like his hair a little longer(but the salon auto rebooks you each time and you have to remember to cancel if you don't want the appointment), the time of the cut was stupid (why the heck did I book it right when he is normally taking a nap?), he cried almost the whole time and it was so hot and nasty in the salon. I think X cried because I had to wake him up from his nap to get to the salon on time and he was still tired. It's not like his nap was cut way short but a little short, especially because it seems like he might be sick. Oh yes, lucky us. It appears he might have pink eye! Super!! You take the kid to daycare for four days and he gets pink eye! Oh, and don't get me started on how I was giving him a bath today and noticed a pretty bad mark on his arm and I looked closer and it was a BITE MARK!!!! Oh, I was livid!!! From daycare. Gosh that makes me mad. He didn't seem to notice it or mind and I even lightly touched it. The skin is even scraped away on it. GRRRRRRRRR. Sorry, as a mommy, that just makes me want to slap the kid who did it. Anyway, also occurring with Xander, we had to have him start sleeping in his pack and play a little over a week ago because his crib was recalled (boo, especially because we had to take it apart and take it back to the store). I ordered a new one with the credit right away and we just got it this week and Todd put it together for him tonight so he switched back to a crib. Hopefully the switching won't throw him off too much, especially since he seems sick.

On a more fun note with Xander, he seems to be so talkative lately and we love it! He is starting to say more words more often now and he just loves to chat! It is so funny since pretty much everything he says is gibberish - but we still love it! He is also climbing on everything he can and he's starting to get better at walking down stairs when we hold his hand. He is just so much fun and still changing all of the time!

I have a timeline for myself to lose some weight and the goal is September 18th - my brother's wedding! I still have three months and that is a good thing because I am nowhere near where I want to be weight wise even though I have lost some. I started doing P90X and it's not going perfect, but pretty well. I started the workouts last Monday and did the first three in a row and did pretty good - I finished all of them even though I had to either reduce my reps a little or modify some of the moves. But I still worked out as hard as I could and did as much as I could and I finished. Come Thursday night, I couldn't get the freaking computer to turn on to play the dvd to work out. I tried calling Todd at work several times over the span of an hour but couldn't get ahold of him to have him help me figure it out. I guess the fuse blew and the trip switch is out in the garage (even though the rest of them are in the basement - and of course, I was looking for one in the basement). Needless to say it kept getting later and later and it was past 11 and I had to work the next day, so I skipped my workout. I was bummed but thought I would just miss one day and get right back to it. Come Friday night when I first thought I was going to work out, I was so tired from going to bed so late the night before that I knew my body just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do for a workout. So I skipped another day. Boo for me. Anyway, tonight I got back to it and I plan on continuing and not giving up. For a minute there, I thought I was already done but Todd encouraged me to keep going and I'm glad I did! I just got done with a workout and it was SO hard, but I feel great! I am going to try to keep it up!

As I also mentioned in my previous post, I have a test to take for work and it is a week from Monday and I am not ready at all! Guess I will have to cram tomorrow and all of next week and next weekend to pass. I really don't want to fail, especially since this test should be quite a bit easier than that last one I took and I passed that one on the first try! It's going to be hard working out and trying to study too. I have a bad feeling next week might not be so good with the workouts, but I am going to try to fit it all in! Once I am done with that test, I might take a break from the tests for a while (the next ones are my choice to take them now or not) and focus on my health and time with my family. I still have other tests I have to take at work also, but not like these major tests I have been taking.

We need a serious overhaul of our house. I mostly just mean the clutter. Everywhere. I need to just organize once and for all but I never seem to get around to it, or when I start, I don't keep at it long enough or a new huge pile of stuff appears a week after I got rid of another one. Does anyone else have this issue? Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has such a messy house, but I know that isn't true.

Looking forward to a week from Monday when hopefully that test is done and I have a little less stress for a while. It will not be fun if I don't pass and have to take it again, so I am going to make sure that doesn't happen! :)

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Jules on June 13, 2010 at 7:19 AM said...

I promise you're not the only one who has trouble with clutter. We are guilty too. Just like you, no sooner to I get a certain spot de-cluttered that a new pile appears.

I know what you mean about the exercise. Sometimes I exercise 3x or more a week, then if I miss just one day it doesn't take long for me to get completely out of it. Then the getting back into seems hard at first and b4 you know it we're back on schedule. Same way with my healthy eating habits kinda of going a-wall the past couple of weeks. But I started making those smoothies again yesterday and I'm craving another one today. So that's good. I still must be loosing weight or at least maintaining the weight I did loose b/c my close are getting too big! :o)

Jules on June 13, 2010 at 7:22 AM said...

I've got to learn to double check my comments before I post them. Just found a couple misspelled things. Like "close" should be clothes. lol!

Sarah on June 13, 2010 at 11:52 AM said...

@Jules - It's ok - I type too fast too and mess up my typing a lot! I always wonder how those people who are super organized do it!!?? It is so hard, especially with a kid! Glad you are losing weight! I am working on it and have a bunch to lose!

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