Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dec. 8, 2007 Part II


Some people might call me a dog lover. I have three dogs. I have a male chihuahua named Nikko, a male malti-poo named Charlie and a female Siberian Husky named Akira. I suppose if it was legal, I would own at least ten dogs. Too bad the city of Omaha requires a kennel license if you have more than three dogs. :(

I grew up in a house where we had no pets. My dad grew up on a farm and believes that animals belong on farms, not in houses in the city. That being said, I am surprised by how much I love dogs. Never having had a dog growing up, I actually learned to love dogs pretty quick. I was always scared of bigger dogs when I was younger and maybe that is the reason I got a small dog first. Actually, my husband got the dog the summer we were engaged and it lived with just him at first until we got married and I moved in with him. I was so afraid that Nikko would only like Todd and he would never love me as much. I guess I learned that if you love your dog, they will love you back. Sometimes when you don't love your dog so much, they still love you back! It is crazy how dogs work.

I think we could all take a lesson or two from dogs. Five minutes after I yell at one of them for having done something naughty, they will come up and lick my face. They never hold a grudge, don't judge anyone and are always happy! It amazes me how their tails can constantly be wagging! I equate this to a human smile. I can't imagine smiling all of the time. I think my cheeks would hurt. Please understand, this is coming from a person who smiles quite a bit! I have always felt that dogs are so simple and so happy. All they require is food, water, a place to sleep (which could be about anywhere) and the occasional belly rub and they are as happy as can be! That amazes me! While I know dogs do not have a reasoning mind, I feel like I need to be more like my dogs.

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