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Jan. 22, 2009

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I haven't written anything for a while! So here is what is new with me. Todd and I decided to start selling stuff on ebay because we could use the extra money now that I am staying home. We also could stand to unload some of our junk so I decided to go ahead and see what we could sell. So far so good! The first thing we decided to sell is a bunch of our old dvd's. We sold almost all of the ones we listed and now I just have to run to the post office tomorrow and ship them all out!

Xander has been sleeping 6-7 hours pretty much every night now and some nights sleeps close to eight hours in a row! We are loving it and feel so blessed that the little guy learned to sleep through the night at such an early age. He has been doing this since about 7 weeks and is 9 weeks tomorrow! Also, we are lucky because he is not a fussy baby and cries very little. Also, he doesn't spit up at all! That is a great one - I love to stay clean while caring for him. He is learning that he has saliva now and is playing with spit bubbles but that is mininal mess. :)

Xander also had his 2 month doctor visit yesterday and got his first shots. He did pretty good, though it was heartbreaking to hear him cry after those shots - I don't think he has ever cried that hard! :( But the doctor said he would either be fussy that day or he would sleep it off and he chose the latter, lucky for us! Then he went on to sleep about 8 hours last night! We are SO lucky! He weighed in at 12 lbs, 11 oz and is now 22 1/2 inches long. I thought he would still be in he 11 pound range but Todd was sure he was over 12 so he won that bet. I don't like seeing my baby in pain so that was not super fun but I know shots are necessary.

I am waiting around at home every day thinking Todd is going to call one of these days from work and let me know that he is getting his own store. I know it may not still be for a couple of months, but I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the chance that it could be soon. I have been saving newspapers accordingly for packing stuff when we move. It makes me really nervous to move, not because I don't want to sell our home or because I don't want to move far away, but because it is going to take so long to pack up all of the stuff we have accumulated since moving into our house! With a baby to care for, I swear it is going to take twice as long as it would normally. Also, moving means I have to do tons of deep cleaning so we can show the house and cleaning isn't my strong point! :)

We filled out our federal tax return info but haven't submitted it yet. So far we have an amazing return amount coming our way for federal and still have to work on state. I guess having a baby was worth it when it came to taxes. Haha!

I have recovered well from my c-section and started working out this week. I have worked out three times in four days and am pretty proud of myself so far! I plan on losing this baby weight and then some if it kills me! I haven't eaten great everyday but am working on that also. It is amazing how different my body is after having a baby and how much strength I lost after being on bed rest for a few months. I used to be pretty strong and plan on getting that way again through steady exercise. I am also adding weights into my routine to build back up my muscle cause that baby boy of mine is only going to get heavier and harder to carry around!!

I have recently become more obsessed with clipping coupons! I already had clipped them for the last couple of years but recently I am all about using coupons to save money! If I can get a great deal on an item, it makes me super excited. The other day I was able to buy an item that was $1.09 for $0.09 because I had a $1 off coupon. How great is that? I am going to keep trying to find ways to save money since I am staying home now.
Here are a few recent pictures of the love of our lives - little Xander!!

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