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Jan. 3, 2009

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So, Nebraska won their football game on new year's day against Clemson. That was a great game to watch and a terrible game to watch. All I care about is that they won. For being a girl, I care quite a bit whether they win or lose!

I know there are a lot of people who have this issue, but I have this recurring dream. It is always the same thing over and over with slightly different details each time. I dream at least once a month that I am somewhere and need to leave and can't remember where I parked my car. It always makes me so mad because I can't ever find my car and the dream never resolves itself. I am always left hanging in my dream and sometimes I even wake up frustrated and don't always know why right away until I remember my dream. Most of the time it is my current car but I have even dreamt about my old car a few times. Most of the time it is in the parking lot of the church I went to growing up. Sometimes it is in the mall parking lot in Lincoln. No matter what, I feel so dumb because I can't remember where I parked my car after a few hours. I do sometimes have another recurring dream, but this one is not as often. This one is set in my high school. I graduated, but I always feel like I never did and have to go back at my age and take a few classes to be able to graduate. In that dream I am always late for class or don't make it to my classes at all or don't have my homework and in my mind I know that I won't be able to pass my classes and I won't graduate. That one frustrates me too because I feel like I should be in control and be able to pass some high school classes but I can't. I think that one frustrates me even more because I have already graduated high school.

So I am really excited that I have this adorable scrapbook kit that my sister in law gave me to scrapbook my son's first year of life. The only problem is, I am worried that I am not creative enough to be able to put it together. I ordered pictures and am waiting to get them to be able to start the scrapbook but I have put together some of the pages and just need to finish them. I am so excited about the scrapbook and have all the materials I need but again, am afraid it will either not turn out like I wanted or that I won't be inspired enough to do it at all. The concept of the album is so cute and I imagine it could turn out wonderful, but I guess I need to take it one page at a time so I don't get overwhelmed by it. Even though it is not a technical new year's resolution, I think that is on the top of my to do list this year. I want to be able to look back at the scrapbook and be thankful I documented as much as I did. I know I will appreciate it as my son gets older but I hope he will too.

I keep thinking that I didn't want to do new year's resolutions, but I do have a list of things I would like to be successful at or do more of this year. Here are a few of them. I want to exercise more, and therefore get thin again once and for all. I do know that is also going to require eating well also. I want to be more organized in my house. I want to feel like I know where everything is if I need to find it and also I want everything to have a place so that it can go there instead of just sitting around and cluttering up my house. This will be a challenge as we will end up moving sometime this year. But moving into a new place could be just what I need to get organized. As I unpack everything, I can group things and organize and finally feel like I have my life in order. I also want to scrapbook with the kit I have and take lots of pictures this year. I don't want my sons life to pass so fast and not have any pictures or memories to show for it. I want to keep in touch with family and friends more this year. I need to reach out more to older friends as well as current friends. I also would like to keep in touch with my sister and sister in law more. I want to also work extremely hard on our finances this year. I think being at home will give me more time to research ways to save money and will give me more time to plan my grocery shopping to save money. I want us to be able to save more and spend less. I want to find more ways to cut our monthly expenses. I know these days people think of so many things as needs when in reality they are wants. I hope to get everything into perspective and truly take control of our finances once and for all.

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