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Dec. 8, 2007

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This is really weird. I don't think anyone I know will ever read this and maybe that is a good thing. I feel like I am in junior high and am writing in a "diary". How silly!

I often find myself needing an outlet - someone or something to take my mind off the stress of everyday life. Maybe this is just what I need. I am the kind of person that never has a moment where my mind is not racing. I have always talked a lot. It seems I almost always have something to say.

My brother recently told me he thinks that I am unintelligent because I talk a lot. It is funny how someone can look at you, interact with you and judge you, when in reality they know very little about you. Granted, he is my brother but we have never been close. Suddenly, he started dating a girl who works in the same field as I do and he no longer thinks I am dumb. His girlfriend and I are both registered reps with the SEC (a stock broker, if you will) and both passed the "smart kid" test. He decided that the girl he is dating is certainly not dumb, therefore, I must not be either. This makes no sense to me! I was the exact same before he met her as I am now.

I am a person who is very logical. I am not a person who belives too much in gray areas. I think things are black and white, right or wrong and up or down. I don't like when things aren't reasonable and don't make sense. I suppose most people would say they agree with that statement. The difference is, when things don't make sense to me, I get extremely upset. Most people would let it go, but I get frustrated when things that should be very simple, become very complicated. I don't suppose I have much more to say. At least not for tonight.

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