Friday, September 11, 2009

4/5 success 1/5 failure.....sorta

- My workout today was ok, not great, not terrible. I was supposed to do 25 minutes of running without stopping. As the title of my post suggests, I was able to 20 of the 25 and then I just had to stop. I ran for 20, walked for 2 then decided to do a couple of sprints. I ran at a much faster speed than normal for 1 minute, walked for 1 minute, ran for 45 seconds, walked for 1 minute and 15 seconds then ran again for 1 minute and 15 seconds then I did a cool down. I feel good that I ran 20 minutes, but bad that I couldn't do all 25. Hopefully I will get there someday!

- Xander's third tooth is just about to come in and the funny thing is, it is the other top tooth, not the other bottom tooth! I have a feeling this kid is always going to do things different than other kids. His first tooth was the top one! His second was on the bottom and now the third will be on the top! Silly boy!

- We got Xander's pictures taken on Wednesday night and I think they are going to turn out great! He looks so much different than the 3 and 6 month pictures (of course) but it still amazes me how fast he is changing. This first year of his life is going way too fast!

- Yesterday, I woke up earlier than normal and had this strange urge to start cleaning. I put away all the laundry in our room, cleaned the clothes up off the floor and the dresser in our room, did dishes, cleaned up Xander's room and a few other things. I am not sure why but somehow I lost my motivation midway through the day and haven't done much since. I mean I ran today and gave X a bath, but there really are some other cleaning things I need to get done. I guess there is always something to be done. Bleh.

- I have been applying for more jobs again so I am starting to think about what it would be like to go back to work. I am just so unsure what to expect when it comes to daycare! I don't know what a good price is, if they should charge by day or hour or week and if it matters where in town it is. Do you provide diapers and food or do they? Do you bring extra clothes for the kiddo in case they get dirty? What all do you have to send with your kid each day? What do they do all day? Do the kids have set nap times? Do they get one on one attention? So many questions. I guess if I find a job, I can find all of this stuff out then.

- I need to paint my toenails. That is such a dumb thing to comment on but I have only painted them once this summer and I feel a lot more girly when I do. Maybe tomorrow.

- I decided to start adding weights to my workouts - I want to do weights on the days I don't run. We have quite a bit of weights and a weight bench in our basement so I have all of the equipment, I just need to get started on it. Waaaaaayyyy back in the day when I used to work out 6 days a week, I did weights and cardio almost every day. I was super strong and loved the way it felt to have muscles. I don't have much muscle anymore so I would like to get some again. More than anything, I just like feeling stronger and I want to feel like I can continue to lift my son as he gets bigger without it being a huge struggle!

- I have been really into buying stuff for X secondhand. Maybe that sounds terrible to buy your kid a bunch of used stuff, but especially with clothes, they go through them so fast that it almost seems silly to buy him brand new stuff and spend all that money for him to wear it three times and then outgrow it. With toys, as long as it's not broken or really dirty, he will never know the difference! I'm just not into buying stuff secondhand like car seats that expire or could have been in an accident without you knowing. Anyway, I have found some great footed sleepers, some nice winter clothes and a few pairs of shoes for X. The shoes are in great shape and cost about 1/4 or less of what you would pay brand new. I found a few cute sweaters for $2 or less, a few long sleeved shirts for $1 each and a winter coat for $5! I also found some snow bibs for $3!!! Yay! He will use them like 10 times maybe so I would much rather pay $3 than $15 or more! I am so excited about my secondhand finds for him - plus I am able to buy more for him with buying used than I would be able to buying new.

- Todd and I will have been married 5 years a week from today - can you belive that? It has gone so fast in some ways and slow in others. Mostly fast. We are going to go out to dinner and maybe to a movie. Todd's mom is going to babysit for us so that is great! I guess I should think of buying the hubs something, but I have no idea what to get him! Also, it's not like we have a lot of money right now so it will have to be something small.

- I better finish up here and make a to do list for tomorrow. I always tend to get more done when I make a to do list. I think I forget about so many things otherwise. Good night!

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