Monday, September 21, 2009

Ode to 5 years

I cannot believe my husband and I have been married for 5 years! We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday, September 18th. We were able to celebrate on our actual anniversary which was nice.

We went to dinner and a movie. For dinner, we went to our favorite restaurant - Lazlo's. We have gone there since we were dating. The funny thing is, when we met, we lived in Lincoln and that is where we went to eat. When we moved to Omaha a month after getting married, we would have to drive to Lincoln to eat at Lazlo's. They opened one here in Omaha 2 years ago so now, we can go to eat at our favorite restaurant here in town! That is awesome for us!

We went and saw the movie "The Hangover". It was pretty funny. We don't go to movies hardly at all so it was fun to get to one. In fact, this is only the second movie we have been to since our son was born - partially to save money and partially for convenience sake.

Looking back, I can't really remember what we did for each anniversary except for our third. I got a crazy idea a few months before our anniversary that year that we should take a trip. I started researching ideas and we ended up taking a trip to San Francisco/Napa Valley. Now, I haven't been a whole ton of places in my life, but that was by far my favorite vacation! We had so much fun and loved Napa so much!

I would say the best thing to happen to us in the last 5 years (besides just being married to each other) is having our little boy, Xander! We cannot imagine life without him and love him so much!

Here is a picture of us on our anniversary! Here's to many, many more! Or, as my husband put it in his card to me - "Happy 5th Anniversary! Let's go for 50!" I couldn't agree more! :)

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