Thursday, September 17, 2009

No cable and some other things.

- We haven't had cable for several months now. I think we get enough programs on the basic channels that we get for free. Recently, our NBC station hasn't been coming through. We tried everything, switching the channels on the antenna, switching out antennas with the one in the basement and trying to add metal objects near the antenna to see if it would help with reception. We did finally get it working again and I am so pleased! I thought I was going to die without NBC (not really)! Even if we suddenly had a lot more money, I am not sure we would get cable again right away as I kind of like not having 500 options for what to watch - it just confuses things!

- Xander is getting so good at standing and pulling himself up to his knees. I expect him to pull himself to standing any day now - although it could still be weeks, but it seems like he is so close!

- I have applied for jobs off and on for the last few months, but never got a phone call on any of them. The weird thing is, all of a sudden, I heard from 4 jobs at once! I already went in for some testing and a preliminary interview for one job and I am in the process of setting up an interview for the second job. I don't want to get a job, but feel like I have to at this point and at least I finally have something in the works.

- I did my first hour long walk on the treadmill on Tuesday and am going to do another one today. Even though it seems to go on forever, it is a lot easier for me and I am able to burn a lot of calories since I can stick with it for so long!

- I chopped off my hair recently. Did I already mention that? I had let it grow quite a bit and it was getting pretty damaged on the ends and I knew I needed a cut but didn't know if I wanted to trim it or just chop it off. I have had mostly short hair for the last 7 years or so and was trying to grow my hair out. The problem was, because I am a mom, I didn't care too much about doing my hair and I ended up pulling it back everyday. Now that it is short again, I have to do it more and I think it looks pretty cute! I am happy with my cut and also, I started going to a new girl and I love the way she cut my hair!

- Some people have way too much time on their hands. That was my facebook status update recently and it is so true. The way some people live their lives just amazes me. Have you ever noticed that some people will do or say anything to get attention or sympathy? What is wrong with these people? Why do they feel so attention starved? What happened to them as children? Were they neglected? I just don't get it. Don't get me wrong, from time to time I want attention or don't mind when people make me feel better about what is going on with my life, but I don't constantly seek out attention.

- My kiddo has become even more mobile recently (though he doesn't walk yet) and he is now finding it fun to get stuck in ridiculous places. We have our printer under our end table in our family room (don't ask) and he thinks it is fun to crawl back there and get stuck. He has actually started to crawl over the printer and has gotten stuck on his belly on it. It is like he 'bottoms out' like a car getting stuck on something under the middle of it. It is comical to see but he usually ends up screaming to get help to get out of his predicament! Ah, the joys of a mobile child!

- The second child debate is still ongoing for us. I am still not sure I want another child and my child is almost 10 months old. My sister and sister in law both knew they wanted another baby by the time their kid was 10 months and in fact, I think they both started trying around then. HA! I can't even IMAGINE trying for another kid right now! I think one of the major reasons is that we are feeling pretty poor right now. We still have to pay off the hospital bills from our first kid (which will be pretty soon) before I would even consider having a second baby. Also, I think even if we did have another baby, we would end up spacing them a little farther apart anyway. If everything in life goes the way we want, I imagine the soonest we would try to have another baby is around Xander's second birthday, possibly a little later. We will just have to see what the future brings.

- Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary! Has it really been 5 years already? I think that is crazy but am excited for our date tomorrow night! I love my hubby! :)

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