Monday, September 7, 2009

From the desk of Sarah.....

- No, there is no big news. Just a few boring things in my life that I will share.

- We had a fun weekend! We went to Schuyler on Saturday to Todd's parents' house to watch the Nebraska game. It was awesome, mostly because Nebraska won! We then went to Lincoln on Sunday for a 'family reunion' with my mom's side of the family. It was very nice to see everyone and it has been too long.

- I have decided that it is high time I lose some more weight for real this time. I have had good intentions for a while now and though I did lose about 12 pounds 2 months ago, that is not making me feel better now and I need to lose much, much more.

- Regarding losing weight, I figure I have about 2 1/2 months until X's birthday and I want to be down 15 more pounds by then at least. 20 would be much better and I want to be down 30 by Christmas. I am sick of the way I look in pictures and I want to start feeling good about how I look. And if not good, just better than now.

- X's 9 month pictures are on Wednesday - those are always fun! We are about 2 weeks late but this is one of the first chances we have had since Todd has been working so much and he likes to come along. We are going to put him in a Husker outfit since we love the Huskers and it fits the fall/football season theme since he turned 9 months just before the season started.

- I am thinking more and more every day that I need to get some kind of job. I have mentioned it before in about a dozen posts, but it is becoming clearer by the day and every time I look at our checking account. Yikes! I did talk with my Aunt this weekend and she works at a company that does hire work at home employees and she said if I reminded her about it, she would see if she could make a few calls to try and help me out with getting a job. A work at home job would be perfect so I could stay at him with the X-man!

- Even though I think it would be fun to move for Todd's job, I am dreading the day he tells me we are going to move because that means my full time job will be housework until we are gone. Our house isn't the dirtiest you have ever seen, but it is not the cleanest either. We have a lot of deep cleaning to do as well as a ton of de-cluttering! We need to get rid of so much junk and I swear I could clean for a month straight before the house would sparkle.

- Xander is getting better at standing every day and it is so fun to watch him! We try to help him take steps to the side when he stands, but he is still too unsure of his footing. He is getting closer to pulling himself up on things. He can't pull himself to stand yet, but he can pull himself up to his knees a little bit when he is holding onto something a little lower. He also started getting more interested in pulling himself to his knees in his crib. I swear he is a little 'behind' on this stuff but who really cares!

- Xander had no teeth at all until 9 months, then he literally got 2 of them in two days! He got the top left tooth first (how weird) and then the bottom right. His top right is just about through the skin but I see no signs of the bottom left. It is fun to see the teeth, but toothless, grinning babies are the cutest and I will miss the gums!

- My run today was late and terrible. I should have done the workout I did today on Saturday, but we were out of town Saturday and then again Sunday so I decided to just keep going where I left off. I was supposed to run 10 minutes, walk 3 then run 10 again. I did the first half just fine. When I got to the second 10 minutes, I definitely failed. I ran about 5 minutes, saw a huge spider crawl across the floor, screamed to my husband to come kill it and slowed down to walk since it startled me and made my breathing heavier and my heart rate go up (yes, I hate spiders that much). So I started running again for less than a minute after he killed the spider and stopped again. I walked for 2 minutes then ran 3 more, but overall of the second 10 minutes, I only ran 8 which sucks. I was able to run 20 in a row before - why was this so hard? To make up for the crappy job I did, I decided to walk for another 20 minutes after my running was over. I jumped the incline on the treadmill way up and walked at a steady pace for the rest of the workout. I did just over 50 minutes total so at least it was a long workout that burned a lot of calories. I am going to repeat my week 6, day 2 workout on Wednesday and hope it goes better than today!

- Todd was off Saturday, Sunday and today and has tomorrow and Wednesday off as well. It is like a mini vacation for him and I really appreciate having him home. He has been helping me with feeding Xander his bottles and even though you wouldn't think so, it has been a nice break for me. Don't get me wrong - I love caring for my son. But there are days where the routine and monotony gets old. I like to have Todd help me out with Xander because, despite what my husband sometimes thinks, caring for a child is hard work! I just need a break sometimes, just like he needs a break from his work!

- That is all for now. I have many, many more thoughts running through my head as usual, but I only have so much time and 8 a.m. will be here before I know it. Off to sleep!

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