Friday, September 4, 2009

A few randoms...

- I had a horrible run yesterday! I did my 20 minute run on Tuesday and yesterday was a 5/8/5 run with walking in between each run. I thought it would be easy compared to the 20 minute run. Ha! It was harder I swear! Although I do think that the reason it was so hard is because I did it at a 0.5 incline. That may not seem like much but for how out of shape I am, that was tough. Plus, the first 5 minute run I did, I went .3 mph faster than I had been running most of the time. Those two things were too much I think when combined. Anyway, when I got to my 8 minute run, I thought I was going to barf half way through. I did the whole workout without any cheating but still, it was tough and pretty pathetic.

- I am a little concerned about my run tomorrow because my knee hurts. Not due to running, no, no, that would be too normal and simple. It is because I fell pretty hard yesterday. Not while running. Here is how it happened - I was in the upstairs bathroom getting ready to go out and run errands last night and my kiddo was in the high chair down in the kitchen. He was just eating a few of those cereal puffs so I figured he would be fine. I always listen for coughing just in case he would choke. All of a sudden I hear him start crying super loud! This is not a normal whimpering cry like 'I am lonely' or 'I need some juice' or 'I have a dirty diaper' cry. This was a 'I am hurt bad, come get me now' cry! I freaked out, jumped up, caught my foot in the hair dryer cord and fell super hard on my knee and wrists. I am surprised I didn't either rip the cord on the dryer or rip the plug out of the socket. Needless to say, he was fine - there was nothing wrong at all! I was kinda mad, but super relieved. I actually started crying a little bit when I went down and he was fine because I was hurt, but mostly because my mind started going thinking what I was going to find when I got down to him and it was a relief that nothing was wrong. I am not normally clumsy but I think it was because I was trying to hurry so much.

- We got some awesome books for Xander from our neighbors for free! I was going to ask for some books for him for his birthday or Christmas but now we don't need any! There are some awesome books and there are least 30! Most of them are in super great shape. I am so excited and so thankful for their generosity! I think they are cleaning out their house and basement because they are going to put their house up for sale and we are happy to take anything they don't want off of their hands!

- Xander is getting better about standing. I can now stand him at his play table and back completely away or walk away and he will stand there for a few minutes. It is fun to see him change!

- Regarding the previous statement, in some ways, it is sad to see my kiddo grow up so fast. We ordered this cool car seat for him since he would need a new one pretty soon and this one was an amazing deal. It was originally $280 or so and we got it for $132 shipped! I am very happy about it since it is a good brand - Recaro. I had asked this lovely lady, Sharon, about her Britax and what she thought about it. She recommended it and I was thinking about getting one, but we couldn't get it quite as cheap as the Recaro and the Recaro did get great reviews also so we went ahead and got this one. We are probably going to ask for money for the seat for X's birthday from my parents and Todd's parents. Anyway, it is fun to see him sit in a big boy seat but kind of sad that he is already old enough for a bigger car seat. Here is a picture of the seat we got - we love it so far!

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Sharon on September 4, 2009 at 7:34 PM said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for the link to my blog and I'm glad you found my advice useful! You never need to ask, I appreciate the linky-love. It's fun to have the conversation flowing across the internet.

Looks like you got a great deal on a really good seat - that's terrific! I know exactly what you mean about seeing them get bigger. It's going so fast.

I hope your ankle feels better.

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