Friday, January 22, 2010

Crafty weekend (I'm hoping)

So I am hoping to get a few crafty things done this weekend.

I successfully taught myself to crochet this evening (following directions from a book of course) but my chains aren't very pretty yet. I will need much practice. I am willing to put in the work to end up crocheting a blanket and a scarf at some point.

I hope to make a pair of baby shoes for Xander as well. I have the baby shoe pattern that is floating around the internet and I am hoping to get a pair made this weekend. I have some cute green printed fabric that I am going to use for the top of the shoes and some brown corduroy for the bottom of the shoes. I also have the elastic and the interfacing. I just need to start cutting, ironing and sewing.

I am also hoping to work on Xander's scrapbook at some point this weekend. I am still at 6 months and he just turned 14 months! Way behind! The only good thing is that I probably won't scrap month by month after his first year but I have 6 months to catch up on! I have a lot of the pictures but just have to decide on the layouts and glue it all down. I do need to order his most recent pictures though and that in and of itself is time consuming so I will feel good to get that done.

If I get enough done I think I will post some pictures on Sunday showing my progress (if there is any).

I am afraid I will not get as much done as I would like since I have to get groceries, do laundry and a lot of other cleaning this weekend also. I don't want to neglect my kiddo either so we will see just how much I can get done on my crafts this weekend. I guess that is life! Good luck to me.

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