Sunday, January 10, 2010

A whole lotta nothing

There is just nothing much new in our life right now. At least not much that is interesting. I suppose I will write anyway about the latest.

Xander is getting more and more mobile. He isn't walking all of the way yet but he is taking several steps at a time several times a day but hasn't walked more than a few feet at a time. He is getting more brave but isn't quite there yet. He also crawls super fast no and gets away from us in now time. He can crawl up the stairs faster than we can catch him and tries to go up the stairs to our upper level (which is about 8 steps) and I am terrified of him falling. It is fun to watch him go go go though!

Xander is also getting more verbal by the day. He babbles all of the time and it is fun to listen to him. He can say mama, and dada and sometimes imitates other words we say. He is getting better at waving and points all of the time. In the last few months he has changed so much and it's crazy to think about! I know he will continue to change but the last few months have been the most fun since he was born.

I am working and every Monday morning I debate not going to work and quitting my job or if there is a way for me to call in sick and not get fired. I miss being at home with my baby so much and it sucks. I keep hoping Todd gets his own store and we move or I can move on to a job within the company that I will enjoy more long term. I feel like I am in a funk and I need to get out of it somehow.

We have had three tires on our Maxima go flat in the last two years and I am getting pretty sick of it. The tires are $300 each and that is enough to annoy anyone. Todd has been driving on a donut (yes I admit it) for over a month (terrible for the car) because we simply have not had the money to buy a new tire. How pathetic is that? Sad. Beyond sad. The point of this story, though, is that Todd decided to research the tires and found out there are some MUCH cheaper tires that will fit the car just fine and still perform pretty well. How about $140 instead of $300??? Yeah, what the heck was I doing replacing the flat tires with $300 ones when I could have been replacing them with $140 tires? What is wrong with me? Lesson learned.

I feel like I have been learning a lot of life lessons recently. I feel like I have learned my lesson with every purchase I have ever made in life because it seems like they have gotten me to this point where I have to work full time instead of staying home with my little boy. We have made so many bad decisions in life and now we are paying the price. I just can't believe I wasn't smarter. All we can do is make better decisions going forward.

On a positive note, we have one last payment on my hospital bill and we are finally done with all payments for our medical bills from when Xander was born. Kinda sad it took 14 months to pay off, but we had crappy insurance and we had to pay more than $3500 out of pocket. Booooo.

I am starting to get worried about our Jeep because it is making awful noises. I think the reason for the noises is because of how cold it has been but the emergency break light is on all the time now even though I don't have the actual break on. I can't believe how bad it sounds some times but I am hoping it gets better as it gets warmer out.

I finally took the trees down today and put all the Christmas stuff away. I only didn't do it before now because all of the boxes were up in the attic and it is really hard to get up there so I had to wait until Todd had a weekend off to help me. Because of the holidays, this is the first weekend he had off so not only did we take the Christmas stuff down but we also got a LOT of other cleaning done today. I actually feel really accomplished. I still have some laundry to put away but overall, we have a much cleaner house.

I suppose that's about it for now. I have a pretty boring life but it is my life! What can I say? :)

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Travel & Dive Girl on January 11, 2010 at 3:05 PM said...

Everyone's life always seems more exciting than our own, but believe me, your life is not boring - you just have the January Blahs. It will pass once the warmer weather arrives.

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