Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Melts my heart and a few randoms

Ok lets start with the randoms.

- How is it that you can be neighbors with someone yet be so different and worlds away? Just a thought.

- I love pink. I am sure many people know that about me but I thought I would mention it again. I have as much pink stuff as possible at my desk at work and though people tease me about it, that is what they know me for and it is kinda fun!

- I swore I wasn't going to size my diamond ring when I couldn't wear it anymore after having Xander. I told myself I was just going to lose enough weight so I could wear it again. I decided that just wasn't cutting it after a year so I broke down last fall and had it sized. Now I am hoping to finally lose that weight and hopefully I will need to get it sized down.

- Why are people so clueless when it comes to their money? All I am saying is, it is your money people. Be smart about it, educate yourself on where it is going and protect it the best you can. Don't invest in something without knowing the risks.

Ok, on to what melts my heart.

My sweet little boy learned to wave a few months ago and it was always so fun to see him wave at you when you would leave. He would always wave at daddy when it was bedtime (it is our tradition for me to take him up to bed, get him ready and put him down) and for some reason he stopped waving at daddy. Recently, instead of waving his whole arm to say bye, he just opens and closes his fist. That, in and of itself, is cute. Tonight when I took him up to bed and put him in his crib, I gave him his Curious George (the stuffed toy he sleeps with) and he starting doing his newest wave to me. It was the sweetest little thing and it was one of those moments in time you wish you could freeze and enjoy forever. So sweet! He did it to me without me saying good night. I just rubbed his little said and told him I loved him and then said good night. Ahhhh! I am blessed and should never forget it! Don't you just love moments that melt your heart?

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Travel & Dive Girl on January 21, 2010 at 12:08 PM said...

Cherish those moments that melt you heart because they grow up way too fast. Mine still melts by heart on occasion, but not as often as when he was your son's age.

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