Friday, January 29, 2010

Random thoughts on a Friday night

So here are my random thoughts for the week.

-It's funny how defensive you can become when someone questions your parenting skills or something that you do as a parent. Until this week, no one had questioned the way I parented at all so I didn't know what it felt like to have your parenting called into question. Frankly, it upset me quite a bit and it wasn't even something with regards to my child's behavior or the way we discipline. I won't get into it more but I was furious.

-I am always hoping that the work week will go fast as I live for the weekends! I said this to someone at work and she told me ' my mom always said, don't wish your life away'. I don't think that I am wishing my life away but am wishing for a better time in my life, hoping that if this part of my life goes faster, I can get a to a better part and enjoy it more. I do agree everyone needs to take some time to enjoy life and each day though, even the work days.

-My boss ordered my series 24 book for me this week which means once I get the book I am going to hit the ground running. I figured I might as well get my studying out of the way and get the test taken quickly rather then letting it drag on and on. I think I want to take my test by the end of April. I hope I can pass the test the first time. I am sure I can but I know it will be hard and will take a lot of studying. I am already feeling guilty for how much time I am going to have to study and how much time it will take away from my son and I haven't even started yet!

-Xander is walking so much more now and it is so fun to watch him! He still falls and crawls sometimes but overall, he is a walker and takes lots of steps each day. He still doesn't really say any words (but can imitate mama and dada sometimes) but he sure babbles a lot.

-My sister-in-law is due to have her baby any day now and I can't wait until she has him! I love little babies and can't wait to meet my newest nephew!

-I am going to work on the baby shoes for X this weekend and hopefully will get 2 or 3 pairs done. I cut out most of the pieces of fabric this week while I had free time at work and all I need to do before sewing the pieces together is iron on the interfacing. I hope I can get at least one pair to turn out good. I think even if one or two of them don't turn out that great, I will still use them as 'house shoes' to keep his feet warm and for some traction while he walks.

-On that note, I hope to get a lot done this weekend. I always hope to but am hoping to get even more done this weekend than usual as I feel I have so much more to do than usual. I need to do laundry, dishes and lots of other cleaning.

-I was always proud of my little boy that he slept through the night so well since he was little. Now all of a sudden he is waking up a couple of times a night. Granted, I usually only hear him once because I sleep harder than Todd but he seems to hear him a few times a night. Anyway, I am not sure if he is teething or what his deal is. I guess he doesn't get up every night but he has been up more than ever before. I know he did get a big molar recently so I wonder if that was hurting him for a while.

-I am tired and it is only 9:55 on Saturday night. I am going to bed. Hope this weekend is a good one!

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