Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cartoons and diapers.

I guess this is a typical name of a post when you are a mommy.

The funny thing is, my kiddo doesn't really understand how to watch tv yet. Sometimes something on tv catches his eye, but he won't sit there and just watch tv for a long time yet. I guess that is a good thing. Anyway, it's funny because I watch more cartoons than he does. Come Saturday morning, I bring him down to the family room and turn on the tv. Well, there isn't anything else on in the morning so I end up watching cartoons. It's sad how I even know the name of some of them - the emperor's new school, hannah montana (I guess that's not a cartoon), the suite life of zach and cody (also not a cartoon), and there are two others that are always on that I am not sure the names of but one has these cute little animals like ducks, a rabbit, a hippo, an elephant - I think it might be rabbit and friends, and the other is this girl that lives with her dad and all these wild animals. They are all actually really cute and I am sure X will like them more as he gets older.

So, in regards to the diapers, I think it is safe to say that I have a slight obsession with diapers. Right now in Xander's closet, he has over 1000 diapers. Yes, you read that right. It is because I am obsessed with finding a deal. This way, I never ever have to pay full price for diapers. I think it is funny how some people think that getting a pack of the nice brands of diapers for about $7 is a great price. I guess I see why they think that - the regular price for a pack of Huggies or Pampers is about $10 - a crazy price if you ask me for about 4 or 5 days worth of diapers. Anyway, they go on sale for $8.99 which still isn't that good of a price but people think - oh, I better get some since they are sale and they will use their $1 or $2 off coupon and think the got a deal on diapers. I don't consider these people unintelligent but I have gotten some amazing deals on diapers and I pretty much refuse to pay more than about $6 a pack and have bought most of them for closer to $5. Anyway, I think I just need to stop buying diapers for a while as I think I have enough to last a while. But I will say one thing - think about how many diapers a kid goes through in his life. I figured right now he is going through 5 or more diapers a day and when he was younger, he went through more like 8 a day. So let's just use 6 as our factor. Say the kid potty trains at 2 1/2, your kid will go through like 5400 diapers! Crazy! So even if it seems like I have so many diapers, my kid will use them all eventually!

On that note I suppose I better go fold some laundry and finish the dishes so my house isn't a mess going into the work week.

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Travel & Dive Girl on February 1, 2010 at 12:27 PM said...

Ahhh the days of diapers soon give way to a lot more wants than needs and with each year, the wants or needs just get more costly.

I'm now facing the reality college tuition and am having mini meltdowns. It seems like only yesterday that I was looking for the deals on diapers.

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