Friday, July 24, 2009

Free and cheap!

I just love getting free and cheap stuff - but who doesn't? I have been getting lots of good deals as usual! It seems like if you miss one deal, there will always be another. That is great since I can't run to the store every day.

Here a couple of pics of the things I have gotten free and cheap recently. There is a lot more that is not pictured, but these are a few of the highlights.

This first picture is of the stuff that I have gotten in the mail for free recently. The nice thing is that some samples come with coupons and often they are higher value than the ones in the paper. The two big bottles were definitely the best (ok, not technically free, but almost compared how much they retail for - I paid $1.95 for both items but saved $20). The two bigger items came with two small samples, I got a paper towel sample, a lotion sample and a body wash sample for Todd. Love it!

First let me preface this picture by saying NO I am not pregnant. I did get a Clearblue Easy pregnancy test box but only because it cost me $0.99! There are two tests in the box and they don't expire for a year so I thought in case we had a 'surprise' I wouldn't have to go out and spend $10 or more on a test! Everything in this picture cost me $3.82 with tax! That is two bars of soap (for when X is older), four packs of wipes - 42 in each pack, a glade scented oil candle holder (I already burned the candle it came with), two tubes of toothpaste, a 10 pack of Schick razors, Skintimate shaving cream, Olay body wash and Johnson's body wash as well as the pregnancy tests. Before I used so many coupons, this would have all cost me about $25 or more! I LOVE bargain shopping!

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Amy on July 26, 2009 at 9:24 PM said...

If you can remind me, I have a free McDonald's coupon that's only good in Omaha to give you. I'll never remember to redeem it when I am there, which isn't often anyway.

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