Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was a fun one, mostly due to the fact that Todd and I had our first 'date' since X was born! We had Todd's mom babysit and we went to lunch, the gun range and to see Harry Potter. We had been wanting to see the movie since it came out but thought it was a good idea to wait until it was out a week or so so it was a little less busy in the theater.

Todd has two handguns and he has learned to shoot them, but I had yet to handle them until Saturday. We went to the local gun range - The Bullet Hole. We have a 9 and a 22. I started with the 22 and it was actually really fun to shoot! I tried the 9, shot it twice and said 'no more'. It has more kick back than the 22 and it is a heck of a lot louder! I didn't hate it, but for my first time shooting, I wanted to stick with one I am more comfortable with. The only negative things was that the actual range where you shoot is through two sets of doors and when you go in, it is a lot warmer in there than in the regular building and since it is summer, obviously warmer than the rest of the year. They must not air condition that part of the building. Oh, well.

We went to lunch after the gun range at one of our favorite places to eat - Qdoba. We love their nachos! We then went and purchased our movie tickets and headed to Barnes and Noble to waste a little time before the movie. It was so odd not having Xander with us since I take him with me almost everywhere and since I hadn't been away from him for more than about 2 hours since has been born! We then went to the movie and come home afterwards.

It was fun overall, but I was surprised how much I missed Xander! I thought about him almost the whole time we were out. I think the reason is because I stay home with him so I am around him all day every day. I think I was worried that he would cry the whole time. Todd's mom said he did good and barely cried at all. I am glad that he didn't miss us too much. At this phase they say that kids can start having separation anxiety so I was worried about that.

Sunday was fun too - I took Xander to JC Penney to see his daddy since his dad had to go into work for a few hours. We saw daddy, found a cute, cheap pair of shoes for mom and got a few clothing items for next summer for X! The prices were so cheap so that made it a fun shopping trip!

Overall it was a good weekend!

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