Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Simple Things

Sometimes the simple, little things in life are what makes it so nice.

My son is one of those 'little' things but this isn't about him. He does make my life awesome, but I have this one new thing that I just love as of late.

It is a body wash. Yes, a body wash. I have used so many different brands and scents of body wash over the years and never really found one that I am in love with (unless you count the Bed Head body wash in Oatmeal Cookie that they don't make anymore).

I recently got a sample of Caress Evenly Gorgeous body wash in the mail and after I used it once, I was hooked! I love the scent and I love that is has exfoliating beads also. I like that as I do have dry skin quite a bit. I bought one full size bottle and swore the next time it went on sale, I would get another one.

I recently got a Target coupon in the mail and combined that with a manufacturer coupon to get $2 off a bottle. That made the bottle $1.89. For me, that is actually more than I would like to spend but it's not like spending $5 or more on a bottle of Olay or even Bath and Body Works. Since I have been trying to be so frugal recently, I prefer to get my body wash for $1 or less a bottle. This is just one of those things worth splurging on. I would never pay full price for it, but might pay about $2-$2.50 a bottle.

I know this is silly to write about, but it is the first time I have gotten excited about any beauty/healthcare product in a while! Go out and try it - but at least smell it in the bottle first to make sure you would like it. :)

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