Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 questions

1. If you had to could you take a vow of silence for 48 hours?

- Not sure I could. If someones life depended on it, then yes. I guess it depends on the reason I am doing it.

2. What is your favorite kind of soup?

- Chicken tortilla - my momma's recipe. With tortilla chips. Yum!

3. How often do you cut your hair?

- Oh gosh, it has been about 3 or 4 months. That is unusual for me - it used to always be 8 weeks at the most. Mommyhood has taken over!

4. If you had to could you do your own income taxes? And have them be correct?

- Yes. Todd does them normally but I think I could in a pinch!

5. What is your method to reading a magazine?

- I didn't know there were methods. I guess I would say front to back?!

6. How many magazines do you subscribe to?

- I am not sure right now. I know we get Rolling Stone (I hate it), Reader's Digest, Parents, Baby Talk, Parenting, Self, Shape, Oprah and maybe 1 or 2 others.

7. What is/was your paternal grandfather's name?

- Robert.

8. And your maternal grandfather's name?

- Robert - haha (see above).

9. I know I'm tired when:

- I stop talking so much.

10. What color(s) do you associate with Spring?

- Green

11. What color are your eyes? Did you inherit them from or pass them on to anyone in your family?

- My eyes are blue. I got them from my dad and mom. My son also has blue eyes.

12. What do you have in your glove compartment?

- The car manual, insurance info, pens, envelopes.

13. Who are you in 6 words?

- Loyal, spastic, loud, talkative, loving, determined.

14. What is your favorite current tv drama?

- Um, does a soap opera count? If so, Days of Our Lives.

15. Who do you think is NOT funny, but others think IS funny?

- Hmmm. That is tough. Not much I guess, I try to find the humor in everything.

16. Three things you've been meaning to do, but haven't gotten around to yet:

- Lose 40 pounds, re-read the last 2 Harry Potter books, get a job.

17. What is your noodle of choice?

- Fettuccine.

18. What commercial are you so sick of?

- The Palm Pre commercial (creepy looking girl) and the KFC double down chicken sandwich. It was a tie - they are both annoying and it proves I have seen them too many times because I know what they are about. ***Special note - I just learned that KFC is testing out this sandwich in two markets only, Omaha and Baltimore, Maryland I guess. Weird. So if you haven't seen it then you must not live in one of the two cities. ***

19. If you gave birth today to octuplets and had sole naming rights, what would you name them? You can assume four of each sex, or make your own mix-up.

- Piper Elizabeth, Paige Joy, Hannah Renee, Reagen Nicole, McKenna Brianne, Brayden Michael, Justin Matthew, Derek James.

20. Is there something hanging over your head that you need to do right now?

- Scrapbooking, cleaning my house, the backyard.

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