Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A post by numbers

0 - The number of pounds I have lost in the last month. Boo. I lost about 12 then stalled. I need to start counting my points again and sticking to it and I am hoping sooner rather than later the walking/jogging will help me lose more too.

1 - I have one child and I just cannot decide if I want another. Some days I think yes but most days I think no.

2 - The number of (large) cups of coffee I have every day. I am not sure I could do without them now.

3 - Average number of days a week I go out bargain hunting.

5 - The number of years I will have been married as of September 18th!

6 - The number of workouts I have done in the couch to 5k plan. Will be 7 as of later today.

10- The number of hours I spent organizing all the coupons I have in my new folder system.

30 - The number of minutes most of my workouts are. Need to extend the time.

45 - Days until our 5th anniversary! Need to decide what to do and what to get for Todd!

109 - Days until my baby turns 1! His life has flown by so far.

143 - Days until Christmas! My FAVORITE holiday! I have already thought about gifts and what we will do for our Christmas card this year.

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