Sunday, August 23, 2009

Am I the only one who does this?

When I am looking around on ebay, I do not hesitate to report people who charge ridiculous amounts for shipping (ebay suggests you do this if you notice it). If you know anything about ebay, you know that you are charged a fee for each listing based on the selling price and the shipping is not included in the final amount. So here is an example - let's say you are selling a shirt for $10 and $3 shipping. Well, someone who is trying to circumvent fees (that is ebay's wording) would charge $5 for the shirt and $8 for shipping. That is excessive shipping since it does not cost that much to send one shirt. They are trying to get around fees because then they only have to pay fees on the $5 instead of the $10 from the first example.

Anyway, I always see people who have a cheap auction price and high shipping and I report them every time. Maybe that is mean of me, but ebay actually says they don't have enough people employed to catch all of the people violating this policy out there and those who do it are messing up the system for everyone else. I know that reporting stuff does work because I have looked at an auction after I reported it and saw that it had been removed. I don't feel bad because dishonest people need to be called out. Am I the only person who does this or feels this way? I can't be, but sometimes I feel like I am. Oh, well.

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