Saturday, August 22, 2009

Has it been that long?

I just looked at the last post I wrote and it was on Monday! I can't even believe that! Where did this week go? Too fast, that is for sure.

Xander was 9 months old today! I can hardly believe he is growing up this fast! I am going to have to take his picture tomorrow with George and post it. He had his 9 month appointment on Wednesday and it went well. He got one shot and barely cried so that was good. He is 20 lbs 5 oz and 27 3/4 inches long. His head is still big - he is in the 98th percentile! But then again, his head has been consistently big since he was born so no surprise there.

My friend Laura's daughter, Claire, turned 1 today and we went to Lincoln for her birthday party tonight. It was fun but it reminded me how fast the time goes and how Xander will be 1 before I know it - I better start planning his party now. I do have some ideas for it so that is good.

Tomorrow we are going to Lincoln again for a birthday dinner for my brothers and my mom. That should be an enjoyable night also.

I did my second workout of week 4 in couch to 5k today. It was pretty hard, but I did the whole thing, didn't cheat and somehow survived! My legs are sore but that is ok - it feels good to know I worked out. I have told myself that I will not repeat week 4 again, so I am doing my last week 4 workout on Sunday and on Tuesday, it is on to week 5! That will mean I am halfway done! I am pretty nervous, but I figure if I am already at 16 minutes of running in my workout, then it won't be that much harder if I keep slowly adding more time.

On another note, my husband decided to join me in my couch to 5k training. I am not sure why he wanted to do it but I think he said he just wanted to be in better cardio shape. It stinks because even in his first week he can run much faster than me, but that shouldn't really surprise me. Good for him for trying too!

There isn't much else new otherwise. I have applied for a few jobs but haven't gotten any calls, so I suppose I should apply for some more this next week. I am just staying busy everyday with my little man and housework. It's never ending! :)

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